Amazon Prime Video: the 3 most viewed titles of the week


Amazon Prime Video entertainment is extensive and varied: manages to embrace the tastes of a large part of users. Among the many titles offered there are some more popular than others. This week we find gods on the podium expected titles for some time that the public has followed with considerable interest as shown by the ratings.

Amazon Prime Video in recent weeks he has grown rich. The platform recently announced the inclusion in the catalog of the live matches of the Uefa Champions League departing on September 15th: free for Prime subscribers. Docufilm su arrives in October Justin Bieber which will be transmitted by the platform in world exclusive. Prime subscribers are truly spoiled for choice each month with the ability to choose between interesting and diverse titles. But what are the three titles, including shows, films and original and non-original TV series most viewed in this last week? Let’s find out what the audience liked most about Prime: here’s the podium.

3rd place: The Voyeurs

On the lowest step we find the film The Voyeurs. An erotic thriller that Prime made available in September with the new one programming. The film tells what happens to a couple after they move to their dream home: a loft in the center of Montreal. They will begin to take an interest in the sex life of the eccentric neighbors who live across the street. An interest that turns into a real one obsession when the two discover a betrayal. Directed by Michael Mohan the question that the audience inevitably asked during or after the viewing is: “to what extent is it okay to look? “.

2nd place: Nine perfect strangers

The original tv series Nine complete strangers is the second most viewed title by Prime Video subscribers this past week. The first season of the series starring the gorgeous Nicole Kidman was released on August 20 and releases a weekly episode until the end of the season. Nine perfect stranger is taken from the novel of the same name by Liane Moriarty and tells the story of nine people who go to the mysterious to change their lives Tranquillium House. Once they are fascinated by the director Masha: ready to stop at nothing to fulfill her plans.


1st place: Cinderella

The reinterpretation of the fable, among the most popular ever, in a musical key it wins the first place in the top three of the most viewed titles in the last seven days.

The protagonists of this musical are Camila Cabello who interprets Cinderella And Nicholas Galitzine in the shoes of Charming prince. Along with the soundtrack of the film they have conquered the audience of Prime. The film contains several pop music cover, particularly loved, written by the most popular artists of all time. In fact, we pass by Queen to Madonna up to lesser known songs and artists such as You Gotta Be from Des’ree or the romantic Perfect by Ed Sheeran.

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