Amazon renews ‘The Witches of Mayfair’ with Alexandra Daddario

The intention was never to stay in interview with the vampire. The literary saga of Anne Ricewhich can be called as Immortal Universehad received all the attention of AMC before the possibility of giving rise to an audiovisual franchise, made up of several series where the tribulations of lestat They were just the tip of the iceberg. Thus, the series starring Jacob Anderson and sam reid saw the light in October 2022, to be seen in Spain from January. When she got here, she already had a second season secured.

And meanwhile, AMC had launched another series based on Rice’s work: The Mayfair Witches. Starring Alexandra Daddarionarrates how a surgeon named Rowan Mayfair discovers that she is heiress to a family of witches, and consisting of eight episodes, sought to adapt Rice’s homonymous trilogy. The Mayfair Witches It still can’t be seen in Spain, but AMC+ will premiere it here next 23 of February…once has already been renewed for a second season. According to TV linethe Immortal Universe goes on.

Still from 'Interview with the Vampire, by Anne Rice'

“We are delighted with this series, especially after the incredible reaction from interview with the vampireand we can’t wait to give the fans a second season of both series“, Explain Dan McDermottPresident of AMC Networks. “In a business where ‘nobody knows anything’seeing how these series have captivated viewers in the way they have is very rewarding, and energizes everyone involved. There is much more on the way”.

mark johnson is the main figure of this project, and is very satisfied with AMC’s decision: “The success of both interview with the vampire like The Mayfair Witches illustrates the strength of Anne Rice’s work. That these two series are working so splendidly fills us with pride.” The Mayfair Witches also has in its distribution with Jack Huston and Annabeth Gish. Similar to Interview with the Vampire, it has not yet set a release date for its second season.

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