Amazon: Secure deliveries with one-time passwords arrive

With the pandemic, the delivery methods have also changed packages by the couriers. More and more often, even when the recipient is not at home, or to avoid physical contact, the courier leaves the delivery near the front door, with the package often left unattended. Furthermore, Amazon always has to manage a very large number of returns, granted by the online service but which, if in excessive quantities, can cause management and profitability problems.

Amazon: Secure delivery with a one-time password

To make sure that deliveries are always safe and that the number of returns does not become uncontrollable, Amazon has introduced the Secure delivery with a one-time password. The new system involves sending a 6-digit code to the e-mail address associated with the purchase together with the shipment of the product. When receiving the package, therefore, the user must communicate the code to the courier: only if the latter is correct, the courier must deliver the package. If for some reason you did not have access to the email, you can still retrieve the one-time code by selecting Track my package next to the order in the section my orders.


Amazon reserves Safe Delivery only to those products of particular value for which he considers it convenient to enable the practice, as in the case of expensive electronic products. Additionally, Amazon recommends that you share your one-time password with someone you trust in case you can’t be at home to receive your package.

The password is valid until the end of the delivery day. For all the details on the new safe deliveries, please refer to the Amazon site.

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