Amazon will close dozens of physical stores, including all its bookstores

Photo. File Amazon assured that it will close its physical stores and even all its bookstores.

Amazon has decided to close dozens of physical stores, including all its bookstores and the establishments it had created to sell very popular products in person on its e-commerce platform, the channel reported today. CNBC.

The closures will affect 68 stores that the company has in the United States and the United Kingdom.

They also add that employees will be relocated to other positions or compensated if they decide not to continue with the company.

In recent years, Amazon had opted to open a whole series of physical stores with different concepts, from supermarkets to spaces specialized in electronic products with its brand.

Amazon shuts down some of its experiments

The decision known today puts an end to some of the company’s most notorious experiments in this field, especially the closure of its Amazon Books stores.

This company based much of the beginning of its business on the online sale of books.

It opened its first physical bookstore in 2015 in Seattle and in the years that followed it extended that model to many other cities in the United States.

As he told the channel CNBC A company spokesperson said the company remains committed to continuing retail concepts.

As well as opening new spaces, including the recently opened Amazon Style clothing stores.

The e-commerce giant also continues to have a significant supermarket business with Amazon Fresh and as owner of the Whole Foods chain.

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