Ambassador of Ukraine calls for breaking relations with Russia and recognizes Guatemala’s support

Oksna Dramaretska, Ukrainian ambassador to Guatemala, He said this Thursday, May 12, in the Congress of the Republic that the Russian invasion of his country caused a “true” humanitarian catastrophe that leaves tens of thousands of civilians dead, for which he called for breaking diplomatic relations with Moscow.

“For almost 80 days in the heart of Europe continues la large-scale war waged by Russia against Ukraine,” who “continues to launch missile and bomb attacks against military and civil infrastructure throughout Ukraine,” the diplomat said during her appearance at the Congress of the Republic.

also acknowledged the support that Guatemala gave its country during the UN General Assembly, when 141 nations called on Russia to withdraw its troops from Ukraine.

He added that “we appreciate the position of Guatemala in the organizations of the UN system, particularly for the vote together with the entire democratic world on March 2 in favor of the General Assembly resolution that demands the immediate cessation of Russian aggression against Ukraine and the withdrawal of Russian troops from the entire territory of Ukraine.”

He also said that “We greatly appreciate the efforts of Guatemala within the framework of regional organizations aimed at dissuading Russian military aggression against Ukraine, especially in the Organization of American States. We will never forget that Guatemala warmly welcomed Ukrainians who were forced to flee the war.”

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“Ukraine severed diplomatic relations with Russia and we call on our partners to follow this example and expel the Russian ambassadors. We consider it unacceptable to maintain relations with an aggressor state that openly attacks its neighboring country without cause, without reason or prior notice,” said the diplomat in front of the Guatemalan congressmen.

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