Ambassador says that the US will eliminate more visas for Ecuadorians

The United States ambassador to Ecuador, Michael J. Fitzpatrick, said that the US authorities will continue to eliminate the visas of Ecuadorians involved in criminal acts.

During an interview with Ecuavisa, this Friday, February 18, 2022, Fitzpatrick said: “We are going to continue to get visas for small and large people (…) if they are involved in cases of violence, criminality, if they work in offices, in entertainment, if they are in the streets if they are involved in drug trafficking, we are going to get visas”.

The representative of the Government of Joe Biden said that “there are hundreds” of people in Ecuador to whom the United States will cancel the benefit that allows them to enter that country. “I don’t even know the exact number because the Consulate is doing its job,” the Ambassador told the channel.

The Embassy of the United States in Ecuador revoked last january 10 visas of nonimmigrant status from several “Ecuadorian judges and other individuals who work in the legal and judicial sectors upon determining that they no longer qualify for these visas.”

Similarly, on December 13, 2021, Fitzpatrick announced that his embassy had withdrawn the visas of what he called “narco-generals” as a anti-corruption strategy of the US president, Joe Biden.

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