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In recent years, the name of Amber Heard has been directly related to Johnny Depp, but not for good reasons. For some time, the artists have been in the eye of the storm after it became known that they had a stormy marriage where both parties claim to have suffered domestic violence.

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As you remember, it all started in 2016, when the actress who plays Mera in Aquamandenounced Johnny Depp because he had allegedly slapped her and dragged her by the hair around various places in her house. In response, the actor pointed out that he had actually been assaulted by his then-wife and the case grew bigger and bigger.

In this way, the former couple is going through a cumbersome legal battle, which has largely colored their professional life. The truth is that before the scandal broke out, the young blonde was known for her outstanding career on the big and small screen, with a promising future ahead of her.

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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard began their relationship in 2012 (Photo: Getty Images)
Johnny Depp and Amber Heard began their relationship in 2012 (Photo: Getty Images)


1. She is an atheist

During her teenage years, Amber lost her best friend in a car accident. This event deeply marked her life and made her abandon her faith, the same faith that was instilled in her since she was born. This is how she decided to be an atheist, being influenced by the objectivism of ayn randRussian philosopher and writer who defended the use of reason in the face of any event.

2. His film debut

The actress made her grand debut at the Toronto International Film Festival with the horror movie “All The Boys Love Mandy Lane”in 2006. His role was that of the protagonist, with which he conquered the audience around the world.

3. Dropped out of school

Heard decided to leave her studies at the St. Michael’s Catholic Academy at age 17, after starting in the world of modeling. The main reason for her was the crossing of schedules, because she could not combine castings, filming, rehearsals and modeling and acting tests with her classes.

Amber Heard was considered the woman with the most perfect face in the world (Photo: Elle)
Amber Heard was considered the woman with the most perfect face in the world (Photo: Elle)

4. His passions

The Texas-born artist has passions other than acting. Some of her favorite hobbies are horseback riding, climbing, swimming, diving and golf; that is, sports in general, especially if you have nature as your field.

5. He is altruistic

During her years as a Hollywood star, Amber has also stood out for her contributions to charitable causes. She has been appointed ambassador and defender of human rights by the UN, where he has developed projects with indigenous communities in the Darién region, in Latin America; Likewise, he was part of the committee of the “American Medical Society” in Syria, where he contributed to issues of refugees and abandoned children.

6. It is part of the LGTBI community

The actress has openly shared that she is bisexual, as well as her fear that this confession could limit her artistic career. Heard pointed out that many castings were rejected after she published her confession, although she later became spokesperson for the LGBTI communitypromoting the defense of their rights.

7. She is a mother

Although during his adolescence found out she was infertile, Amber did not let this news limit her dream of becoming a mother. The artist opted for surrogacy to welcome her first daughter, Oonah PaigeHeard.

8. She was engaged to a photographer

Before marrying Johnny Depp, Heard was engaged to the artist and photographer Tasya Van Ree. The couple was in a relationship for four and a half years, for which time the actress is grateful. “I didn’t want it to look like I was hiding anything. […] I am not, and never have been, embarrassed.”said the actress in an interview with Elle.

9. Knows how to use firearms

Amber is passionate about firearms and knows very well how to use them. When she moved to California her father offered her a gun at the airport so she could protect herself from it; since that date, she has confessed that she owns other models such as a Magnum 357.

10. Love classic cars

The star is a classic car addict. Much of her money has been used to acquire some models, among which a 1968 Mustang and a 1967 Mercedes 250SL stand out. Likewise, Amber has stated that she is the one who fixes them, “buying the parts on eBay”.


Depp Y Amber Heard They met on the set of the movie.The Rum Diary (“Diary of a seducer”) in 2009 and the attraction between the two was immediate. Their relationship began in 2012 and three years later they were married on the actor’s private island in the Bahamas.

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After being the bad guy in the movie, it took 3 years for the chameleonic actor to go from being a victimizer to being a victim.

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