Amber Heard and the details in her image that became evident on the last day of the trial

This morning the final arguments were presented for the trial that Johnny Depp filed against his ex-wife, Amber Heard, for defamation. A legal process in which the accusing party requests the amount of 50 million dollars as compensation for the damage. For 24 days, the actors appeared punctually in the court of Fairfax, Virginia, where in each hearing, fans of the protagonist of Pirates of the Caribbean They waited for him outside the court to show their support. On the other hand, experts in corporal expression and public image have carefully observed Amber Heard who, at the beginning of the legal process, was pointed out by the actor’s followers to allegedly copy the looks of her ex-husband, after several coincidences in the color of the garments.



For the last day of the trial there was a significant change in the look of Amber who, unlike the rest of the process, she wore her glasses on several occasions and wore her hair down, letting the rebelliousness of her hair become part of the look, also for some, showed a tired countenance. Although he was also seen smiling on several occasions during the closing arguments, when Camille Vasquez gave her arguments as to why her client was a victim of defamation and we also saw her very smiling at the end of the hearing, when she hugged her lawyer, Elaine Bredehoftfrom whom he said goodbye with this warm gesture that we have seen him have on several occasions with his representatives before the court throughout the entire trial. For the closing of the trial, Amber chose a gray suit that she combined with a striped shirt. Since the legal process began, the actress has chosen sober looks, the most recurrent being matching jackets and pants in dark colors such as black, brown, although we also saw her wear shades such as beige and white.


In her last testimony, Amber broke down in tears in front of the jury when talking about the harassment she has suffered since the trial began, she even denounced being the victim of death threats by netizens who have also written about her daughter: “People want to kill me and they tell me every day. People want to put my baby in the microwave and they tell me”, she commented yesterday when she was called back to the stand. During the interrogation, the actress denied having been the source that sent the video published, in 2015, by TMZbut fell into a contradiction by assuring that, if it had been her, she would have done it differently. It was at that moment that Camille VasquezDepp’s lawyer, reminded him that his first chance on the stand stated, under oath, that he did not know how to leak this type of information to the media. To close the trial, Depp’s lawyer was direct when defending her client: “During the relationship with Mr. Depp, she was violent, abusive and cruel”Vasquez said as Amber listened intently.

This week was not easy for Amber Heard, as there were several details that showed her in front of the court, such as the testimony of Kate Mossex-girlfriend of Johnny, who testified via zoom, last Wednesday. During her statement, the model denied the version that Amber gave to the jury about an alleged incident with the actor when they were dating. Kate assured that Johnny never pushed heras Heard recounted in his testimony on May 17, where he said that, in an argument with the actor (in 2015), he remembered how he had thrown his ex-girlfriend down the stairs, an incident that, according to Moss, did not happen : “No, he never pushed me, kicked me or threw me down the stairs”Said the top model. Although the final hearings of the trial uncovered some inconsistencies in Amber’s testimony, as a final argument, the defense of the actress spoke about the right of expression and invited the jury to take as a form of violence the texts and audios where Johnny insults her.


The details in the image of Amber throughout the trial

In addition to the testimonies presented to the jury in recent days, the changes in Amber’s face drew attention, who, towards the final stretch of the trial, was completely different from the rest of the process, especially today when she chose to wear her hair loose, only with a braid in the front. The braids were a recurring hairstyle in Amber during the legal process where, almost every day, we saw her with her hair tied up in some way.. During the 24 days that she went to court, Amber also played with her makeup that, although it was always very natural, it was striking thatThe days that he did not appear in front of the jury he wore mascara and, the days he took the stand and shed some tearslike yesterday, did not include this cosmetic on her face.

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