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Amber Heard is once again the topic of discussion on social networks, and it’s no surprise, because a new trailer for the second installment has been revealed. “Aquaman.”

Something that has undoubtedly attracted attention and that has left more than one doubt is the participation of Amber in the film, and as far as we knew, the actress will continue to be part of the production, but from what we saw recently, Doubt arises. since It doesn’t appear even once in the new trailer released recently.

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Warner Bros. Pictures A new trailer for Aquaman 2 (Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom) was released just a month after its theatrical release. And as has become customary, Amber Heard was once again completely ignored from the previews for a DC Comics movie.

Why would they ignore Amber Heard?

Everything points to this from the actress’s statements regarding what the filming was like, in which she was allegedly involved had to endure bullying Her media case against Johnny Depp had a very bad effect on her

In October, the actress revealed that there was an extremely hostile atmosphere between the film’s actors and actresses on the recording set. The shooting of the film could have been affected due to the lawsuit filed by Amber Heard and her former partner, actor and singer Johnny Depp.

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Written notes from Amber Heard’s therapist Dr. Don Hughes, posted on Reddit, reveal everything the 37-year-old actress told him in the sessions.

is one of the unfortunate episodes Jason Momoa arrives on set drunk in costume to mock Johnny Depp, He also revealed that the same 44-year-old actor might have pressured the studio to remove Amber from the role of Meera.

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