Amber Heard asks to annul the trial against Johnny Depp!

Amber Heard made the decision to appeal the verdict of the jury in his lawsuit against Johnny Depp. According to documents published by Courthouse TV, the actress’s legal team appealed the sentence on July 1.

Amber Heard and his law firm allege that there were, among other factors, discrepancies when selecting the different members of the jury.

They also explain that the verdict is not applicable to legal reasoning in this case. Two reasons have prompted Heard to make this decision a month after the end of the judicial process.

In addition, from the legal team of Amber Heard explain that the economic compensation that he would receive Johnny Depp It is excessive in any case. After the sentence, Amber Heard She was ordered to pay 10 million in compensatory damages and 350 thousand dollars in punitive damages.

At the time, the lawyer Amber Heard, Elain Bredehoft, stressed that his client could not assume the total economic amount stipulated. A problem that would force Heard to sell his assets.

The jury did accept the counterclaim of Amber Heard for compensatory damages, reducing the amount you must pay to your ex-husband Johnny Depp at $8.35 million.

Amber Heard He tries to appeal the jury’s sentence and seeks to recover his public image, among other things. The recent sentence would have harmed the actress, who, however, will continue with some of her professional projects.

Amber Heard faces another legal problem

Meanwhile, the actress has another legal problem, but outside the country. Heard suffered another mishap that could be related to dog trafficking in Australia.

Therefore, Amber Heard has faced two such problems in recent months. A complicated situation for the interpreter that could change if Fairfax County in Virginia accepts her appeal.

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