Amber Heard Dedicates That Curious Autograph To A Follower In Spain: “See You Later, Fagot”

The story of how Amber Heard made a strange dedication to a fan walking in Madrid.

  • This is Amber Heard’s new life in Spain after her divorce from Johnny Depp

  • Nando Escribano tells us the funny anecdote of a fan with the actress: “See you later, Fagot”

Amber Heard is living her new phase in Spain to the fullest With his daughter, Oonagh Paige. Controversial and media post She lost the case against her ex-husband, actor Johnny Depp, Amber decides to run away to California. He sold his house, which was worth about two million dollars, and took another road, away from the country.

Actress Depp ordered to pay $10 million in restitutionHowever, they reached an agreement which reduced the amount to one million. Now, a year after the resolution of the judicial process, Amber has moved to a house north of Madrid, The American seems to have adapted perfectly to Spanish customs and even has a grasp on the language.

Lily Rose, the sad girl who might be the new Marilyn Monroe

In fact, in walking around the capital, Ember greets fans in perfect Spanish Who come to ask for autographs and photos. is a matter of follower with whom nando escribano talks in the video, The boy ran into the actress on the street and didn’t hesitate to come up to her to say hello.

She welcomed him in a very friendly, smiling manner and agreed to take several pictures with him, as can be seen in the images. but the most interesting thing is Funny autograph that he signed and the follower shows on the screen, Nando is able to speak with the protagonist, who elaborates on the anecdote with Amber Heard.

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