Amber Heard does not accept justice and appeals the sentence of Johnny Depp

The sentence in favor of Johnny Depp will be appealed by Amber Heard. The Hollywood actress does not accept the decision of the trial and claims it.

Amber Heard will appeal and appeal the judgment of the trial for defamation against Johnny Depp. The American justice decided in favor of the actor of Pirates of the Caribbean. It forces to pay a large sum to the star of the DC Extended Universe. However, as has already been warned on numerous occasions, the actress of Mere in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom cannot take responsibility for the financial penalty imposed by the court of the State of Virginia.

The Court battle between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp seems to be far from over. It has barely begun, seen what has been seen. The understanding between both parties has been impossible, even by their lawyers. The actress does not seem willing to pay the 10 million dollars claimed by his former partner. He will do everything possible to avoid it and will seek legal solutions to get rid of the economic sanction.

Appeal is the first option of the actress, but also the best possible

In this attempt, the first step has been taken by Amber Heard’s lawyer, Elaine Bredehoft. The lawyer is clear that the first option is to appeal the verdict. It is not only the first judicial decision taken against the fine in favor of Johnny Depp, but also is the best possible option at this stage. It remains to be seen if the American justice accepts the appeal and the actress gets rid of the fine.

Meanwhile, we still don’t know if the rumors about his departure from Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom they are true or not. A priori, Amber Heard has denied the information. That means that Mera will be in the sequel of the king of atlantis starring Jason Momoa. As for Johnny Depp, he is expected to gradually recover his film career, although he will have to rebuild confidence in Hollywood studios. Above all because, before the lawsuit and the trial, he was having personal problems stemming from his alcohol addiction.

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