Amber Heard does not reach an agreement with Johnny Depp and will appeal the sentence for not being able to compensate the actor

The trial between Johnny Depp (58 years old) and Amber Heard (36) continues to give what to talk about. Although three weeks have already passed since the popular jury gave its final verdict, some details of the judicial process continue to come to light. Although a few days ago good morning americaof the ABC network, interviewed a member of the jury and he assured that Amber cried “crocodile tears” in the trial, now has been made public a new setback for Hollywood actress.

The lawyers of both have not been able to reach an agreement of last minute that could lower the amount that Heard will have to pay Depp for damaging his reputation, as decreed by the sentence. It should be remembered that the jury determined, at the beginning of the month, that The actress must pay Depp 10 million in damages and another 5 million as a fine, although the judge of Fairfax County (Virginia, USA), Penney Azcarate, lowered this last amount to 350.000 dollars.

As reported Daily Mail this Saturday, June 25, 2022, the judge has made the verdict official in the judicial registry after a brief hearing in the Fairfax County Court, which was not attended by any of the leading actors. That’s the way it is, not having reached a Kind regards among the lawyers of famous actorsthe appeal process is expected to be long and costly.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard during the trial session dated May 16, 2022.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard during the trial session dated May 16, 2022.


In three weeks, the media case will be tried in the Virginia Court of Appeals, and both parties will have 30 days to file a notice of appeal. Faced with this sour and unpleasant panorama, Amber Heard wishes to appeal the judgment and has already given an order to do so. As the interpreter has stated on more than one occasion, she lacks financial resources to pay that millionaire compensation.

According to his lawyer, Elaine Bredehoftthe actress of Aquaman “He has excellent reasons to do so, there is a lot of evidence that was not admitted.” In that line, the Amber environment is exhaustive: is “ruined” because he “considers his Hollywood career over” and “has nothing to lose” after a few disastrous months.

[Amber Heard lloró “lágrimas de cocodrilo” en el juicio contra Johnny Depp, según el jurado]

Heard goes through a hard trance in terms of its public image and also economic. As revealed OKAY! MagazineHeard I’d be ready to write a book to talk about her private life and also about her marriage to Depp. A source close to the Aquaman star claimed the 36-year-old Heard is missing.”able to refuse money“Even the aforementioned medium highlights that the interpreter has already signed a contract. The actress would be looking for clean your image after the highly publicized trial.

His “crocodile tears”

On June 16, the program good morning americaof the ABC chain, published a interview with a member of the jury, who called Amber Heard’s cries crocodile tears“. This man, who did not want to reveal his identity, considered that his testimony was not credible.

“Her crying, her facial expressions, the way she looked at the jury… we all felt very uncomfortable,” the source said of the actress’s statement, which lasted several days and was broadcast live on the Internet.

Actress Amber Heard on trial in Fairfax this June.

Actress Amber Heard on trial in Fairfax this June.


According to this member of the jury, the model was capable of “respond to a question by crying and two seconds later be cold again like ice.” “Some of us use the expression ‘crocodile tears,'” he said, speaking about the deliberations among the seven jurors.

Regarding the crossed accusations of abuse and violence, the interviewee believed that “they were both abusive to each other“but defended the verdict reached by the jury, which forced Heard to pay more than 10 million dollars for defaming Johnny Depp in an article about domestic abuse that did not contain the actor’s name. “None was more correct than another. But at the levels she was talking about, there wasn’t enough evidence to prove what she was saying,” she explained.

This source also ruled out that the jurors were more inclined to support Johnny Depp because he was more famous. “None of us were really fans of one or the other.” On the other hand, he rejected that public opinion on social networks, very favorable to Depp thanks to the mobilization of his fans, influenced the verdict. “We just follow the tests, we don’t look at anything external. There were very serious accusations and a lot of moneyso we don’t take it lightly.”

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