Amber Heard experienced one of the worst cyberbullying cases in history on trial

Amber Heard not only did he lose his judgment against Johnny Depp, but also suffered enormous repercussions during and after it. During the last months, the participation in social networks took this trial between the ex-partner to unknown territory. Six weeks of cyberbullying endured the actress, who was painted as the villain of the story and Johnny as the absolute hero.

The former couple shared intimate details of their marriage and became the two most sought after celebrities in the world. Not even the slap that Will Smith gave to Chris Rock was researched on the web. There are many ways these numbers were obtained, one of them is through a website that tracks and combats misinformation and targeted harassment.

The reason why Amber Heard was bullied so harshly.

A website called Sentinelbot was the one used to track targeted attacks against the actress through the use of AI. This website reports over 14,000 hashtags related to attacks on Amber Heard , which includes the most popular #AmberHeardIsAnAbuser. Other hashtags include #AmberHeardIsALiar and several others that were written with ill intent against the Aquaman actress,

Another important finding from the website reports that all Amber Heard’s followers were also attacked. A grand total of 627 Twitter users were found to be posting only attacks against Amber Heard and all his fans. Furthermore, 24% of these accounts were created in the last 7 months. Which means they were probably bots.

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