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Amber Heard: “He has, several times, threatened to kill me.” The accusation against the ex Johnny Deep (Thursday 25 November 2021)

The “amorous” story seems to have no end if it can be defined as such between the beautiful (and dangerous) actress Amber Heard and the sex symbol Johnny Deep. The Aquaman actress accused the former husband of having beaten her more times, due to her mad jealousy it seems that the woman has also had to give up some films. Her statements in court: “Every sexy dress I wore on the red carpet was a cause for argument, Johnny he wanted to read the scripts I received, and if there were sex or nude scenes I had to give up or ask for them to be cut “. From fairytale to nightmare In a statement to the London court the Heard he claimed he feared more times for his own life and which Depp explicitly has threatened from …Read on cityroma

manu3110 : My grandson watches aquaman while having breakfast what an unwatchable movie and Amber Heard why do they make her act? It hurts – I woman : A comparison of the points of view of both. – sigdominic : and even today Amber Heard must dangle from the Ariccia bridge – infoitscienza : Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard: Hollywood’s most famous divorce docuseries – Profile3Marco : RT @ SkyTG24: Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, divorce becomes a docuseries –

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