Amber Heard has at least one woman on her side: Emily Ratajkowski fully supports her

Aalthough so much Amber Heard What Johnny Depp were found guilty of defamation, however, the former star of Aquaman will have to pay $15 million to her ex-husband, while the man who plays Jack Sparrow He only has to pay $2 million, so the narrative is that he was the one who won the lawsuit and that doesn’t necessarily make a lot of famous women happy.

However, one of the few who has openly stated her position on this issue is the British model Emily Ratajkowski who used your account tik tok to send his clear support to Amber Heard and expressed a position of rejection of judicial decisions that directly affect women.

Emily Ratajkowski’s stance on Amber Heard vs. Johnny Depp

“It’s 2022 and it’s getting scarier to be a woman,” she said. Ratajkowskiwho detailed the facts that really scare her about court decisions in which, according to her, women have clearly been at a disadvantage.

“The cancellation of Roe v. Wadethe appeal of Harvey (Weinstein)), the redemption tour of Shia (La Beouf)), the way they dragged Amber (Heard) and the precedent that that court case set,” said Ratajkowski.

As seen in the statements, he not only supports heardalso denounces what happened a few months ago when the United States Supreme Court overturned the almost 50-year-old ruling that guaranteed women the right to abortion.

The facts that terrify Emily Ratajkowski

Two other facts pointed out by the British model are the notorious case of the film producer Harvey Weinstein, that he might get out of prison after the New York Court of Appeals I would accept that possibility after a scandal of sexual misconduct in the workplace.

Finally there is the case of the actor Shia LaBeoufand to what it refers Ratajkowski They are the statements that he has given to the media with the intention of cleaning up his image after having a lawsuit against him for abusing and sexually assaulting his ex-girlfriend. FKA Twigs.

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