Amber Heard Has The Most Flattering Red Minidress For Women

Not everything in Amber Heard’s life is drama, the star of ‘Aquaman’ is trying to move forward with her career and her private life after the turbulence she experienced due to the media trial against her ex-husband Johnny Depp.

Since that June 1 when the final verdict of the defamation lawsuit was announced we have not seen the actress in public againthe only images that have been leaked are thanks to the paparazzi who are still following every step he takes.

On the other hand, we have had news day by day about the appeal he seeks to not pay the more than 10 million dollars he owes to the protagonist of “Pirates of the Caribbean” and everything he is doing to pay off the debt.

Due to all this chaos, Heard has tried to get away from the cameras and from Hollywood, which is why now he takes refuge in the Middle East, specifically in Tel Avivwhere she was recently seen and showed with a big smile that everything is better in her life.

Contrary to what many think, it seems that the actress was quite accessible to accept a photograph from a fan and thanks to this snapshot we could see that she chose one of the most flattering mini dresses for every woman for this trip, we are talking about the classic red with floral print.

Heard hasn’t lost her sense of fashion and she has shown it with this outfit with which she looked quite fresh. Although we could not see much of her look, it is clear that she wears a traditional design, fitted at the waist, with some flare in her skirt and pleated straps, as well as above the chest.

Red is one of the favorite shades of celebritiesAlthough it is a bit rebellious and can be difficult to combine beyond the classic black and white, when it is achieved, quite glamorous outfits are achieved.

Heard wore it quite nimbly in a pretty casual look that’s easy to replicate. Previously, the Hollywood actress had already made it clear that this color is one of her favorites, since on more than one occasion we have seen her attend events in red dresses.

And it is that the star of ‘Aquaman’ confirms every time he wears this tone is quite flattering for all women and if you wear it in a mini dress much better.

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