Amber Heard hires a new legal team in her battle against Johnny Depp after her lawyer resigns

Unexpected turn in court battle freed by the famous actor Johnny Depp (59 years old) and his ex-wife, Amber Heard (36), after his media trial for defamation. A new episode opens between the two with an important movement by Heard.

The actress has just hire the services of a new legal team after his lawyer so far, Elaine Charlson Bredehofthas decided to abandon the process.

In this way, Amber is willing to go with her version of the truth to the end and for this she seeks to appeal the sentence, which she considers disproportionate and unfair. The actress now relies on the help and good work of two famous lawyers, David L. Axelrod Y Jay Award Brown.

Amber Heard during her trial against Depp, in a session last June.

Amber Heard during her trial against Depp, in a session last June.


It should be remembered that this change in the interpreter’s legal team occurs after the Court of Justice of Fairfax, Virginia, had denied the possibility of repeating the judicial process who confronted her former husband.

A setback that has not managed to bring down Heard, who continues to allege and reiterate that lacks financial capacity to pay compensation for 10 million dollars that the popular jury determined that he should pay Depp. His new lawyers have an excellent resume behind them.

[Amber Heard, obligada a vender su casa del desierto para pagar la indemnizaciĆ³n a Johnny Depp]

Not surprisingly, they are behind the victory of Sarah Palin (58), former governor of Alaska, in her warlike dispute with the newspaper New York Times after linking it directly with a mass shooting.

After this hiring by the protagonist of Aquaman, his new lawyers have been very excited and grateful. “We appreciate the opportunity to represent Ms. Heard. It is an important case and with implications in relation to the First Amendment. We trust that the court will apply the law correctly without deference to popularity and will reaffirm the principles of freedom of expression”, they have assured in a letter.

Heard and Depp, faced in one of the sessions of his media trial for defamation.

Heard and Depp, faced in one of the sessions of his media trial for defamation.


David L. Axelrod Y Jay Award Brown refer to a theory Amber Heard has been defending for some time: the alleged pressure or the condition in favor that the great fame of Johnny Depp provoked in the people who made up the popular jury.

Elaine Charlson Bredehoft, already a former lawyer for Heard, despite having resigned from the cause, has not missed the opportunity to wish her luck: “It is time to pass the baton, but I have promised Amber my full collaboration as you continue to walk towards success“.

Depp returns to the movies

Johnny Depp, little by little, is taking flight after his victory. The actor returns to what he does best: cinema. Depp will direct a new movie, titled Modigliani25 years after filming The Braveas announced this past Monday, August 15, by the specialized media The Hollywood Reporter.

The film, which will begin shooting in Europe next spring, is co-produced by Al Pacino (82) and its cast has yet to be revealed. The plot of the film, based on the play by Dennis McIntyrerecounts the turbulence in the artist’s life Amedeo Modigliani during the second decade of the 20th century to become a legend of Italian painting and sculpture.

Johnny Depp resuming his professional activity after the trial.

Johnny Depp resuming his professional activity after the trial.


“Modigliani’s life was one of great difficulty, but also an ultimate triumph. This is a universally human story that all viewers can relate to,” Depp recently declared. The original play will be adapted by Jerzy Y Mary Kromolowskiand will once again unite Al Pacino and the Iranian Barry Navidia duo who worked together on films with notable critical acclaim, such as The Merchandise of Venice either Wilde Salome.

Depp seeks to return to professional normality after the media trial that confronted his ex-partner, and in which a jury found that she had defamed the actor in an opinion column published in the newspaper Washington Post in which he claimed to have been a victim of domestic violence.

The court found that three of Heard’s statements in this article were falsehad been made with “royal malice” and demanded that he compensate Depp with 10 million dollars in damages and with 350.000 dollars for punitive damages. For his part, the interpreter was sentenced to pay 2 million due to statements by his lawyer, adam waldmanin which he accused Heard of having fabricated a “hoax”.

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