Amber Heard in bankruptcy after being unable to pay her lawyers

The popular and controversial actress AmberHeard, owes an astronomical amount of money to her lawyers, who could not make her win in her legal trial against Johnny Depp.

The American actress Amber Heard is mired in a deep and very serious financial crisis, which has recently deepened with the total report that they have revealed regarding the debt she has with her legal team.

The figure that the interpreter of ‘mere’ in Aquaman she owes her lawyers is even larger than the amount she owes to her ex-husband for defaming him, the legendary American actor Johnny Depp.

The legal bill of the actress is around more than 15 million dollars, this according to what the medium synthesized DailyMail.

The protagonist of Aquaman has been immersed in a legal battle with her former legal representatives and several of the insurance companies that intervened in the pre-trial that started her Depp and from which he emerged victorious.

Currently, the actress has only two lawyers, David L. Axelrod Y Jay Ward Brown, who were the ones who appealed the verdict that harmed her. But she in turn she hired the team from Kirk Pasch to instruct them to cover all bills for their legal expenses for a final amount of 15 million dollars.

This puts her in imminent bankruptcy, since her net worth is just 8 million dollars, insufficient for the more than 25 million dollars she owes.

What is your opinion about the painful situation that you live Amber heard nowadays?

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