Amber Heard, Kim Kardashian, Prince Harry… The class of 30 stars is the most hated and it’s a disaster

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You can ask a question. Ou peut-être pas. Toujours est-il que le site Ranker Vient de devualer le results of the various probes, not la List of the 30 most hated public people in the world. An extremely positive initiative – no – which is based on the subjective opinion of 31,000 people, a total of 400,000 votes cast online until May 2024. Let’s return to our slideshow.

>> Jean-Luc Reichmann detronet, Faustine Bollard, queen of the best… French TV personalities class 2023, reserve of surprises

Without surprise, and because the world is going wrong, in retrospect for most women and people in this class. In revenge, what the retrospective women (and what they intervened with) are, they are sexy aggressors or celebrities, the overreaction of the fascists.

Note that the Kardashian family integrity is present in 30 highly coveted spots. In this little game, Kim Kardashian, the most hated member of the clan, is at #12 on the podium, next to her mother Kris Jenner at #13. Kanye West’s bathtub-wearing alliance member Vient is at #14e, Kylie Jenner at #16e, Travis Scott at #23e, Khloe Kardashian at #24e, Kendall Jenner at #25e, and finally, the discrete Kourtney Kardashian at #28e. She went to the Internet in an unfortunate way… that’s a magnifying glass.

Who are the 30 most famous people in the world? Integral Voice

• 30th place – Jamila Jamil

• 29th place – Jay-Z

• 28th place – Kourtney Kardashian

• 27th place – Amy Schumer

• 26th position – Kelly Machine Gun

• 25th place – Kendall Jenner

• 24th place – Khloe Kardashian

• 23rd place – Travis Scott

• 22nd place – Chrissy Teigen

• 21st place – Woody Allen

• 20th place – Mark Zuckerberg

• 19th place – James Corden

• 18th place – Hilaria Baldwin

• 17th place – Logan Paul

• 16th place – Kylie Jenner

• 15th position – 6ix9ine

• 14th place – Kanye West

• 13th place – Kris Jenner

• 12th place – Kim Kardashian

• 11th place – Jake Paul

• 10th place – Chris Brown

• 9th place – James Charles

• 8th place – Bill Cosby

• 7th place – Sean Diddy Combs

• 6th place – Oprah Winfrey

• 5th place – Jada Pinkett Smith

• 4th place – Prince Harry

• 3rd place – Ellen DeGeneres

• 2nd place – Megan Markle

• 1st place – Amber Heard

A class that doesn’t ruin relationships with the royal family, and doesn’t allow Amber Heard to change careers only to be convicted of defamation around Johnny Depp in 2022. la voir citée en première Position, lower back of persons accused/accused of sexual assault (Sean Diddy Combs, Bill Cosby) or spousal abuse (Chris Brown).

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