Amber Heard receives very harsh reactions for the possible publication of the book

Amber Heard has been on the verge of receiving backlash and ridicule after announcing that he would write a book about his recent controversial trial against Johnny Depp.

The actress has made headlines in recent weeks due to the dispute she recently had with her ex-husband.

Heard and Depp they ‘fought’ for six weeks in a trial that began in April. Finally, the actress was sentenced to pay her former husband 10 million dollars in compensatory damages and another 5 in punitive damages, an amount that was reduced by law to 350 thousand dollars.

The protagonist of ‘Aquaman’ would now be working on a book that will help bring out the most inhospitable details of the trial and her relationship with Johnny Depp.

A report from Radar states that Amber Heard reached an agreement with a major publisher for a not inconsiderable value of up to 15 million dollars.

Criticism in social networks for Amber Heard

Many followers on different social media platforms disagreed with the publisher for working with a person who has been convicted of defamation. Among them the creator on TikTok Jahan Kalantar, in a video that reaches 50,000 views.

One user on Twitter said: “What would the title of the book be? How to poop in bed?”

Also from the media they point out that the publication of the book would only bring more attention and criticism towards Amber Heard.

“To say that you have sent the attack dogs deranged at the smell of Amber Heard would be to fall short. Even when they recognize her beauty, they turn her into poison,” said Nicole Lampert in Newsweek.

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