Amber Heard ‘seemed to fuck with Depp’s head’ when her mother died, according to a friend

Doug Stanhopea close friend and confidant of Johnny Depphas made shocking accusations about his friend’s ex-wife, Amber Heardcalling it “relentlessly scheming and insulting opportunist”.

The 55-year-old comedian had previously spoken out in favor of Johnnyand in 2016 Amber She sued him, but eventually dropped the case after he said she had made up her abuse claims.

Doug He has now provided further descriptions of his interactions with the couple, claiming that Amber seemed to “manipulate” the actor by taking advantage of his vulnerable moments.

Doug I wrote this about the wife of Depp, Amber Heardin his book No Encore for the Donkey: “Amber Heardseemed to be messing with his head again, I’m assuming he’s using this chance of his weakness to manipulate him even stronger and stronger.”

Amber seemed to have played the role of ever-loving appeaser of Johnny. The cruel dysfunction in this marriage wasn’t something you haven’t seen up close with your own friends, if you haven’t experienced it yourself,” the comedian writes.

Stanhope also wrote: “Someone close to you, trapped in an abusive relationship, who will never admit that they are actually being abused or, if they do, blame it on any other circumstance, or on themselves, and will stay deeper and for the worse.”

“It was almost inconceivable to think that Johnny Deppor someone so famous, could be trapped in this kind of abyss of the heart,” the author continued.

He ends by writing: “That someone of his stature had to be tap-dancing on the hour to avoid the shit and vitriol of a relentlessly scheming and belittling opportunist was discouraging to say the least.”

The complicated divorce of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp

At the beginning of their divorce proceedings, in May 2016, Amber said Johnny he had physically abused her; Johnny I denied it

Amber file a lawsuit against Doug for defamation after Doug wrote an opinion piece claiming that the actress had blackmailed the actor with false accusations of domestic abuse.

However, three months later, he decided not to pursue the case, according to the star’s rep, who told TMZ that “Amber move on, go back to work and live a normal, happy life.”

The dismissal of the complaint was related to an agreement reached by the plaintiff of BlackMass Y Amberwhich included the removal of any lawsuits resulting from the domestic abuse allegations she had made against him during their breakup.

In an article that appeared in The Wrap, Doug described how Johnny was visibly annoyed by the desire to Amber ending their relationship and how the actress had threatened to publicly fabricate lies about him if he didn’t meet her requirements.

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