Amber Heard signs three new films in Hollywood after losing the trial with Johnny Depp

After intense days of testimony and deliberation, Amber Heard lost the trial against her ex-husband, actor Johnny Depp. Despite the fact that the lawsuit was for 50 million dollars, the jury determined that the actress must make financial compensation to the actor of 8,350,000 dollars. However, her lawyer, Elaine Bredehoft, stated that the actress does not have enough money to pay that amount and that they will appeal the sentence.

Several specialized media have reported that Amber’s assets are 12 million dollars and if she declares bankruptcy or loses the appeal, they will be able to seize her assets, including the salary they would pay her for her next professional projects, until covering the entire amount of the debt. Despite the fact that the future is not very promising for Amber Heard, the truth is that she still has three films up her sleeve that would be released soon, being her only financial support to date, since it is still unknown what will happen to her contract. with L’oreal.

Amber Heard

The first of these productions is the controversial ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’, alongside actor Jason Momoa. Despite the fact that the actress signed a contract for two million dollars plus royalties for box office earnings, the truth is that her fate in this film remains uncertain, given that Walter Hamada, president of DC Comics, assured that Amber Heard and Jason Momoa does not have chemistry on the film set and that makes it impossible to record the scenes, which is why his appearance in this movie was considerably reduced and it would also be the reason why they made the decision to replace him for new installments. In fact, several rumors suggest that, after a meeting between the directors of Warner Bros, all of Heard’s scenes were removed from the film and to give closure to the character they decided that she would die giving birth at the beginning of the film. However, we will have to wait until March 2023 to know the fate of ‘Mera’ in the DC Universe.

In 2023, Amber Heard will also premiere ‘In The Fire’, a film that was filmed in Central America, specifically in Guatemala, last March, before the defamation trial began. In this film, set in the 19th century, the actress plays a psychiatrist who investigates a child with special abilities who is believed to be possessed. “After the death of his wife, Don Márquez (Eduardo Noriega) brings in Grace Victoria Burnham, an American psychiatrist (Heard) to find out what is wrong with the boy, played by Lorenzo McGovern Zaini. Heard’s character accurately diagnoses and heals him as he takes on the villagers,” the film’s synopsis states.

Finally, the actress will also star in the film ‘Run Away With Me’, a film that began pre-production in 2018, but will also be released in 2023. According to the official synopsis, the story is based on “an American in Paris falls in love with a model and the two become intertwined in the criminal underworld of the European modeling industry.”

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