Amber Heard suffers a fan boycott for her participation in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

Amber Heard continues to attract the attention of thousands of people around the world. However, this time it is not for anything directly related to the trial, but to her work as a film actress. The interpreter has generated a wave of negative comments for her increased time in the second film of the saga Aquaman.

Warner Bros He decided that Mera (the character played by Heard) would have more screen time during the film. After several weeks of doubts, the company opted for a greater presence.

This contrasts with the information that indicated that it would be eliminated from the film due to the media scandal derived from the litigation. She even talked about it herself during the judicial process.

Nevertheless, UnderCoverCinema He stated on Twitter that there would be more airtime. heard would go from having 10 minutes of participation to about 20-25 according to this information.

Negative response on social media

This fact upset many followers on social networks, who asked Warner Bros for a change regarding this measure. The wave of comments showing their disagreement was immediate.

the hashtag #boycottaquaman2 quickly became a trend on the Twitter platform, with many samples highlighting their disagreement with this decision.

A few weeks ago, fans already asked Warner Bros that Amber Heard did not go out in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. A proposal in change.org reached over 4 million signatures.

Heard will have to pay 15 million dollars in damages to Johnny Depp after the judgment of the trial in Fairfax, Virginia. The popular jury ruled that there was defamation on the part of the actress.

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