Amber Heard: the actress experienced “one of the worst cases of cyberbullying in history”

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According to a new study that Amber Heard was subjected to “one of the worst cases of cyber bullying by a group of Twitter accounts” during the trial against Johnny Depp.

The actress not only lost her case, but the effects of harassment she has experienced during this time was classified as one of the worst in history.

Over the last few months, the couple shared intimate details of their marriage during the trial, causing them to become the most investigated people on the web, even more so considering that everything was broadcast on television and the internet live and direct. The trial that almost became a reality show was the gateway to the biggest cyberbullying experienced by the actress, not without counting, which is one of the worst in Internet history.

This is how the website made it known Sentinelbot that tracked the attacks directed against Heard through the use of Artificial Intelligence, whose studies reported more than 14,000 hashtags related to attacks against Amber Heard, including the most popular hashtags #AmberHeardIsAnAbuser and #AmberHeardIsALiar, among many others that were directed against the actress of Aquaman.

One of the most surprising findings by the website is that it says that the followers of Amber Heard were also attackeda total of 627 Twitter users who dedicated themselves to attacking them all joined.

“What we saw was one of the worst cases of cyberbullying by a group of Twitter accounts that we have ever seen”noted the report, which suggested the platform did little to stop such online abuse.

It should be noted that 24% of these accounts that attacked the actress were created in the last 7 months. One of the conclusions is that most of these accounts could be bots.

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