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Since Amber Heard lost the lawsuit for defamation against Johnny Depp, just over three months ago, the actress disappeared without a trace to escape the press and paparazzi glasses. Although she did not last long hidden, because the Hollywood star she was caught living a new life, along with her daughter and with a new identity.

As recalled, in mid-2022, the American justice she agreed with her ex-husband in the defamation case, by assuring that Heard acted with “malice” by publishing an article in The Washington Post in which he accused him, without mentioning him, of domestic violence.

The actress was forced to pay compensation of more than 10 million dollars to Depp and another 5 million as a fine. Although the latter amount was reduced to $350,000, Heard would not be willing to pay it, mainly, because he would not have that amount of money in his funds. For this reason, the interpreter has appealed the sentence, formally requesting the annulment of the verdict and a repetition of the trial.

Amber Heard during the trial against Johnny Depp, held last May (Photo: AFP)
Amber Heard during the trial against Johnny Depp, held last May (Photo: AFP)


Amber Heard moved to Spain, the actress has been living in Palma de Mallorca for three months. She and her daughter moved to the island, where she leads a completely anonymous life with a secret identity. Since the sentence was known, the last thing known about the star was that she had taken a private jet with her one-year-old daughter, Oonagh Paige Heard, and her friend Bianca Butti.

The new life of the actress and her daughter

The actress has rented a house in the town of Costitx, one of the smallest and with the least population on the island. Among the 1,371 inhabitants of it, she would have been integrated, who, according to the Diario de Mallorca, has created a new identity.

And it is that in the mailbox of the house where she lives you can read the name of Martha Jane Cannary, a name that the actress would have borrowed from the 19th century American heroine known as Calamity Jane, who fought against the American aboriginal Indians during the conquest of the continent.

Amber Heard lives in Palma de Mallorca (Photo: Gtres)
Amber Heard lives in Palma de Mallorca (Photo: Gtres)


According to various US media, Amber Heard, through her agents, completed the sale of a property in California for the price of 1 million 50 thousand dollars, which is a profit for her.

The property, located exactly in the Yucca Valley, was acquired in 2019, before the pandemic, after a disbursement of $570,000 through an anonymous trust. Likewise, it was known that the new owner made the deal directly with the artist’s agents.

Will that money be used to pay Johnny Depp?

The most likely answer to that question is probably no, since the actress has appealed the payment decision, having submitted the relevant documentation to the court, so we will have to wait for the new resolution.

In addition, Heard’s legal defense has told the press that his representative is not in the financial capacity to pay the amount of money that was sentenced in the mediatic legal process that began in April and ended in June.

Amber Heard and her friend Bianca Butti stroll through Palma de Mallorca (Photo: Gtres)
Amber Heard and her friend Bianca Butti stroll through Palma de Mallorca (Photo: Gtres)

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