Amber Heard: The petition to remove Amber Heard from ‘Aquaman 2’ has already reached 2 million signatures

ANDhe gossip hollywood of the moment is the trial for defamation that Johnny Depp started against his ex-wife, Amber Heard; but it is not a new matter. From the first days when the rumor began to circulate that Miss Heard had not necessarily been nice to the actor, a campaign was created of (there is no other way to put it) “hate” against the actress. Campaign that led to the creation of a change.org to get her out of the sequel to Aquaman, which so far has already gathered the number of 2 million signatures. Will this work?

How is the petition on change.org to get Amber Heard out of ‘Aquaman 2’?

In case you don’t know, change.org is a page that is formed from the complaints and demands of the group of Internet. The only thing the page does is demonstrate the number of people who agree with a specific request. It can be something very absurd (like demanding that a McDonald’s be opened in a certain city), or very fair (like asking for the resignation of a bad president). Or, in this case, a repository of hate.

The petition to remove Amber Heard from ‘Aquaman 2’, however, is not new. It seems that this was created in 2019, when the first complaints against Johnny Depp (and consequent defense of this) appeared on the network. Therefore, 2 million signatures in a span of three years… Well, it’s not little, but it’s not exactly difficult to achieve. Although of course, A good part of these signatures have come as a result of this trial.

Who could Mera be in ‘Aquaman 2’?

Netizens are always solution people, they not only ask for Amber Heard to get out of the role, but have proposed their own substitutesand the one that has sounded the loudest to take its place is the same Khaleesi: Emilia Clarkewith whom Jason Momoa already worked (and generated good chemistry) in Game of Thrones when it was Daenerys Targaryen. But here the real question is:

Could Amber Heard lose her role in ‘Aquaman 2’?

Right now… not yet. It doesn’t matter how much pressure 2 million Internet users put on it. And the reason is very simple: As much as Johnny Depp fans would have you believe, he is not “winning”, at least not yet. It’s too early to claim victory. The trial is more or less halfway through and still There is a lot of evidence missing for Heard to present.

The audios revealed by Johnny Depp s have shown a violent attitude within the relationship. This does not imply 100% guilt either, but it does imply half the responsibility. Why did they fire Johnny Depp and not Amber Heard? It was the Disney airbag: They weren’t going to risk Depp’s accusations being real. So Amber Heard could stop being Mera, but only if her full guilt in the case is proven. And that is not yet achieved.

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