Amber Heard threatened Johnny Depp to continue receiving financial support

No Hollywood script would have imagined the public confrontation between two movie stars, who would hold nothing back when wanting to prove that the truth is with them. But the case of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is not a film project, but for the second time they face each other in court after a stormy relationship that, despite having ended for years, seems not to have ended the toxicity. While Depp seeks to clear his name, in this defamation case that he filed against his ex-wife, the testimonies continue to run on the stand and with them, the headlines have not stopped. If a few days ago, it was the diagnosis of a forensic psychologist about the disorders that Heard could suffer that covered the front pages, this time it has been an alleged threat that has attracted attention.



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A letter that Amber’s lawyers sent to Johnny’s legal team in May 2016, a few days after the actress filed for divorce, was filed in court Thursday. In it, in a subtle and veiled way, what has been taken as a threat to make public the request for a restraining order against Depp was established, if he did not continue to support the actress financially. In the letter, a list of economic requests was made, among which it was highlighted that both she and her friends should continue to live without paying rent in three penthouses owned by the actor. In addition, of course, Depp was required to pay Heard’s legal team fees of $125,000.

It must be remembered that in Johnny’s testimony, he was questioned about Amber’s friends who lived on his property, as well as the actress’s sister. He was also asked how much rent he charged them to live in his penthouses, to which the actor replied that they stayed there without any charge.


The letter read, “Even though Amber is afraid of Johnny, she strongly insists that we do everything we can to keep this out of the public eye, which is why she has not sought a restraining order and why she has not sought a restraining order.” We arranged for Johnny to personally greet her last night at the movie premiere.”

It is not the first time that money has arisen within the testimonies of this case. In the first days of questioning, Johnny made it clear that one of the reasons for his strongest fight was that she claimed not to be included in his will, despite the fact that they had only recently been married and had not even considered doing so. paperwork.

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Money, a key piece of this disagreement

In addition to being mentioned in various testimonies, money has been a key element in this trial. Johnny filed the lawsuit against Amber Heard for defamation through the article he wrote for the Washington Post in which, although he did not mention the actor, he showed that she had allegedly been a victim of domestic abuse. The sum that Depp has requested is 50 million dollars.

That if this has seemed like a fortune to you, Amber countersued asking for 100 million dollars, for the alleged smear campaign that according to her has cost her her career as an actress. Along these same lines, Johnny said during his testimony that it was through him that Heard got her role in Aquaman. As if that were not enough, outside of court, a petition to withdraw Amber from the sequel to the tape already has 2 million signatures.


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