Amber Heard will appeal the jury’s verdict

Sunday June 26, 2022 | 6:00 a.m.

Actress Amber Heard announced that she will appeal the sentence of her defamation trial, after a popular jury ruled on June 1 that she should compensate Johnny Depp with 15 million dollars.

After a meeting between the legal teams of Heard and Depp this Friday in a court in Fairfax, in the state of Virginia, United States, and after a meeting with Judge Penney Azcarate, the actress’s lawyers have announced their intention to appeal the outcome of the trial, the Los Angeles Times reported.

“As was said in yesterday’s hearings, a pardon is not requested if you are innocent and the appeal is not rejected if it is known that you are right,” a Heard spokesperson detailed in statements collected by the US media.

The meeting between the legal teams of the two movie stars took place just a few weeks after the controversial televised trial concluded on June 1.

The jury awarded Depp $15 million in damages, eventually reduced to just over $10 million under the Virginia legal limit, and Heard $2 million.

Heard has continued to defend her case after the sentence on June 1, in her first post-trial interview on the NBC Dateline program, the actress presented more evidence, including a folder with notes from her therapist, and also stated that “He will continue to maintain the testimony he gave at trial until his last day.”

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