Amber Heard’s doctor’s notes point to Jason Momoa on the set of ‘Aquaman 2’

After Most media trials in recent years took place in Hollywood And the Netflix documentary ‘Depp vs. Heard’ has created an educational summary for those who couldn’t follow the hundreds of hours of feud between the two stars on television, it felt like the water reached their channel. Johnny Depp to premiere ‘Jean du Barry’ on our screens next weekend After presenting it at the Cannes Festival in May, and After months of rumors, Amber Heard will finally appear in the sequel ‘Aquaman 2’Although with a lesser role.

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However, disputes continue between defenders and opponents of both interpreters on social networks, and from time to time new information appears that complements what we knew so far. the last leak was Notes from Amber Heard’s therapist, Dr. Don HughesWhich reveals the alleged difficulty that Heard faced during the filming of ‘Aquaman 2’ due to the pressure and ridicule from her co-star, Jason Momoa, and director James Wan.

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Notes taken by Heard’s psychologist published on Reddit indicate this Jason Momoa and director James Wan both may have called for Amber Heard to be fired from ‘Aquaman 2’, despite the fact that he publicly positioned himself in favor of the actress’s continuation. Furthermore it is alleged that Momoa may have arrived on set “disguised” as Johnny DeppWith the clear intention of making life impossible for his co-star.

Notes Amber Heard Jason Momoa


Instead, the notes mention Zack Snyder and his wife and production partner Deborah as people supportive of Heard’s difficult situation, which contrasts with the attitude of his colleagues on the set. Listen to the therapist’s notes also They report that the actress said Momoa arrived “drunk and late” for filming From the next DC movie.

Rumors of a lack of chemistry between Momoa and Heard began circulating after the filming of ‘Aquaman’, and There is speculation that Jason Momoa wanted to replace Amber Heard in the film, there were even some posters circulating online featuring Blake Lively and Emilia Clarke as Queen Mera. This leak will only confirm these rumors, although it is still an unacceptable lack of respect and lack of empathy, no matter the situation, to mock a co-worker who was going through such a complex and difficult divorce.

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Ultimately, and although Heard significantly reduced her role in the film (although James Wan claims this was planned from the beginning), Meera will be seen in ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’Which will be released in theaters next 20th December Of this year.

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