Amber Heard’s return

“I move on, that’s life.” These were the words of Amber Heard, in front of Univision’s cameras and the program “El Gordo y la Flaca”, when this year it was revealed that the actress had rebuilt her life in Madrid (Spain) a year after that controversial trial , which changed. Him. All. Now, the verdict comes as part of a new chapter in which she was found guilty of defaming her ex-husband, actor Johnny Depp. Her best-known role is that of the Atlantean princess Mera in the film “Aquaman” (2018), which she reprized in the DC film “Zack Snyder’s Justice League” (2021) and which is somewhat expected. Present in the upcoming “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom”. And Amber Heard has been a controversial name in recent years, especially during and after the trial that pitted her against her ex-husband, actor Johnny Depp, and which was televised internationally.

Heard and Depp met during the filming of “The Rum Diary,” and apparently, the kiss shared by their characters on screen was beyond imagination: “It felt real,” as the actors said during the judicial process. Had expressed.

A year later, Johnny Depp ended his love story with actress Vanessa Paradis and Amber Heard did the same with photographer Tasya van Ree. And the following year, in 2013, the relationship between the two artists became official after all the rumors.

Amber and Johnny got engaged in 2014 and married in 2015. Just a year later, in 2016, the actress filed for divorce, also requesting a restraining order against him: “I endured a lot of abuse from him,” she said. Time. The rest is history: the couple reached a settlement by which Heard would receive $7 million from Depp, and declared in a joint statement that despite their differences there was “always love”, with “no intention of harm” occurring. But in 2018, Amber Heard published an article in “The Washington Post” and defined herself as “a public-facing representative of domestic violence.” Furthermore, in 2020 the actor was accused of being a “wife beater.” The newspaper lost the case against “The Sun”: the judgment held that the outlet’s statements were “substantially true”.

However, the fate of the trial the two actors faced in 2022 was very different. Johnny Depp sued Amber Heard for defamation in 2019. And, after great anticipation when the trial was broadcast online, the jury held that Heard had, in fact, defamed Depp. “The truth never dies,” the actor said in a letter via his social networks. And, although the verdict also recognized that Johnny had defamed Amber to some extent, it was she who came out worst in that confrontation, both because of the punishment and in public opinion.

Her destination, in fact, was far from the United States: Amber Heard moved to Madrid: “I love living here,” she said about her residence in the Spanish capital in front of the Univision cameras, where she also then boasted He had film projects in his hands.

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