Ambulance enters the field to treat Damar Hamlin in the “MNF”

Buffalo’s safety collapsed seconds after making a tackle near midfield during the first quarter

CINCINNATI — The Americans’ safety Buffalo Bills, Damar Hamlinwas removed from the field by ambulance after receiving medical attention for more than 10 minutes, resulting in the match between Buffalo and the cincinnati bengals was suspended this Monday night. The nfl reported that the defender is in critical condition at a local hospital.

A Hamlin he was administered CPR on the field for several minutes after he collapsed following a play in the first period. He was apparently given oxygen as he was placed in the ambulance to be carried off the pitch some 16 minutes after he collapsed.

The incident happened after Hamlin tackle the wide receiver tee higgins and get up quickly after the play. Then he abruptly collapsed, and medical personnel rushed onto the field of play to attend to him. He was immediately placed on a stretcher, with medical personnel protecting his head to position him.

All bank staff Bills surrounded Hamlin while receiving medical care. Multiple players from Bills they looked visibly upset, comforting each other, while he was being attended to. Many of them turned their backs on the ambulance so as not to have to see the emergency Hamlin.

The first attempt to move to Hamlin it resulted in him having to be lowered back onto the field, but he was ultimately placed in the ambulance, which left the stadium around 9:25 pm ET. The family of Hamlin she came down from the stands to be with him in the ambulance.

After Hamlin off the field, players from the Bills they knelt together in a circle and then returned to the sidelines, with the defense coming back onto the field to resume play. The wide receiver of the Bills, Stefan Diggsthen he called everyone to convey a message.

However, instead of resuming the game, the head coach of the Bengals, Zac Taylorhe approached his counterpart from the Bills, Sean McDermott, and met with the officials of the meeting. The decision was made to pause the game –which was won by the Bengals 7-3 — about 21 minutes after the injury.

At 10:00 pm ET, the league officially announced the decision to permanently suspend play for the night, with a decision on a possible resumption to be made at a later time.

Later, the nfl reported in a statement that Hamlin He was in critical condition at a local hospital.

“The game that night between the buffalo bills Y cincinnati bengals has been postponed after the collapse of Damar Hamlin of the Buffalo Billsannounced the commissioner of the NFL Roger Goodell.

Hamlin he received immediate medical attention on the field from team medical personnel, independent medical personnel and local paramedics. Later, he was transported to a local hospital, where he is in critical condition.

“Our thoughts are with damar and the buffalo bills. We will provide more information as it becomes available.

The nfl is in constant communication with the NFLPAwho agrees to postpone the game.”

Stefan Diggsteammate of Hamlinmoved to University of Cincinnati Medical Center later in the evening, to be with safety where he is treated. Taylorcoach of the Bengalsalso visited the hospital.

A hospital spokesperson said no updates were expected to be provided on the status of Hamlin during this night, reported Coley Harvey of ESPN from the University of Cincinnati Medical Center.

In a call with members of the media just over two hours after the incident, the executive vice president of the NFL Jeff Miller noted that there would not be an update on the status of Hamlin tonight. The league also said there would be no determination on if or when play could be resumed.

On the same call, the vice president of operations for the NFL Troy Vincentshared that some players from the Bills they would stay in cincinnati the night to accompany Hamlinwhile others would immediately return to orchard park.

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