Amel Bent, Alizé Lim, Franck Gastambide…: How did these celebrities know they were HPI?

With nearly 11.5 million regular viewers for its first season, in May 2021, the series HPI is naturally expected at the turn for the second, which starts this Thursday, May 11, 2022 on TF1. The mother of the family, Morgane Alvaro, with high intellectual potential, very aptly embodied by Audrey Fleurot, will she succeed in seducing again? If Audrey Fleurot was not diagnosed with HPI herself, as she confided on the set of It’s up to you (France 5) on May 6, 2021, other celebrities are all of high intellectual potential. This is the case of Alizé Lim, companion of Tony Parker, of Amel Bent, may also, according to certain information from the eldest son of Céline Dion René-Charles.

Like Albert Einstein, some stars have been diagnosed with HPI. These are actually personalities with an IQ greater than 130. The average audience is between 85 and 115. Only 2.5% of the population is affected by this HPI. And Alizé Lim does not see only good sides, as confided in his book Praise of the unconditional.It’s like coming out. Apart from my relatives, no one knew that I was HPI, did she tell Paris Match. I can have exacerbated reactions due to the overflow of emotion. So that he understands me, I show him videos that explain the behavior of HPIs.” Franck Gastambide revealed it on the set of Daily, explaining that he waited for his 40th birthday to find out. “More of a hassle than anything else“, he says, speaking of his hypersensitivity.

Amel Bent discovered that his IQ is 156, as mentioned in Without Filter in May 2021. It is the clinician Jeanne Siaud-Facchin, who would have noted this specificity in the mother of Hana and Sofia (4 and 5 years old). “She also discovered that I had emotional movements which are particular, and which come disturb my intelligence. There are facilities but also many difficulties to concentrate, to have self-confidence“, said the companion of Patrick Antonelli, who has just given birth to her third child. What to explain at home many anxiety disorders which she may have suffered.

Like the sportswoman and actor, many stars also have HPI. Among them are: David Duchovny (147), Emma Watson (138), Shakira (140), Cindy Crawford (140), Ashton Kutcher (160), Rowan Atkinson (173), Alicia Keys (154) or James Franco (130). ). As for the son of Celine Dion, the latter has not yet been diagnosed, or at least not publicly, but according to rumors from several media, he could be very early in his development. In particular, he started playing golf at the age of only one year, and could read at the age of 4. It is also rumored that he understood the rules of poker very quickly. This maturity had to be consolidated upon the death of his father, René Angelil, when the now 21-year-old boy had to take over the role of father figure for his brothers Nelson and Eddy.

Finally Eric Antoine, he said he was annoyed by this tendency to diagnose HPI, as is his son. “And yes, it also annoys me this tendency to talk about the HPI all the time. Most artists call themselves HPI. ‘I feel misunderstood!’ You have to tell them that everyone is alone and that no one understands anyonehe blurted out. The basis of a healthy relationship is to accept that we do not know how the other works and that we are all different.

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