Amel Bent, Alizé Lim, how did these celebrities know they were HPI?

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– Published on May 22, 2022 at 14:09

With the success of the series HPIprogrammed on TF1, celebrities like Amel Bent and many others have discovered their high intellectual potential.

Broadcast on TF1, the series HPI was a real success with nearly 11.5 million viewers in May 2021. Today, the launch of the new season is more than ever awaited by its fans. Like Morgane Alvaro, played by actress Audrey Fleurot, the character with high intellectual potential in the series, certain stars have been diagnosed. This is the case for Amel Bent and Alizé Lim. HPI quesaco ? Being of high intellectual potential corresponds to having an intelligence quotient greater than 130. The average is generally between 85 and 115.

It is true that only 2.5% of the population is affected by the phenomenon. Everyone knows, but is not Albert Einstein ! In his book Praise of the Unconditional, Alizé Lim confesses that there are not only good sides. To Paris Matchshe confides it’s like coming out. Other than my relatives, no one was aware that I was HPI“. She adds ” I can have exacerbated reactions due to the overflow of emotion”. Alizé also shows a lot of videos to make her HPI understood.

HPI celebrities are gradually revealing themselves. But who are they?

But who would have guessed that Amel Bent has an IQ of 156? She said last May, on the show Without filter,” I emotional movements which are particular, and which come disturb my intelligence. There are facilities, but also many difficulties to concentrate, to have self-confidence“. What explain, in Amel, many anxiety disorders from which she may have suffered. This is often the daily life of HPI people. So, with David Duchovny at IQ of 147, closely followed by Shakira at 140, Emma Watson at 138. But who expects the famous Mr Bean, Rowan Atkinson, is more than 170! Who has the highest score? Do you have the test? Place your bets !

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