América and Cruz Azul look for the Atlante stadium before the eventual closure of the Azteca due to remodeling

The Azulgrana Stadium was about to be demolished and now it has the possibility of being the home of América, Cruz Azul and Atlante at the same time

America and Blue Cross they are in talks with representatives of the now Barça Stadiumto use the property currently occupied by the atlantean as his home, before the eventual closure of the Aztec stadiumby remodelingsources assured ESPN.

“It wouldn’t be just with him. Blue Crosswould America and Blue Cross. He’s just going to see an approach, there was already something that the two teams let us see, but he’s just going to see an approach and we are talking so that there is a good negotiation, which benefits the three teams that play in the Barça Stadium”, commented a source close to the teams.

According to other sources consulted by this medium, the concert of the Puerto Rican singer Bad Bunny, on December 10, is the last event of the property before his remodelingalthough the confirmation of dates for the beginning of the modifications of the Aztec stadium and its scope will depend on the neighborhood consultation, which will be held in the coming days.

At azulgrana or Sports City Stadium are in disposition that it be the house of the atlantean, America and Blue Cross for 2023, although the teams of the MX League They have not ruled out the options of playing in Toluca and Querétaro.

“In the week there will be a meeting, to touch on that subject”, it was mentioned.

The renovations that will be made to the property that is the house of the America and Blue Cross they are related to the organization of the 2026 World Cup. The official venues for the World Cup organized by the United States, Canada and Mexico will be announced before August.

On the resistance of the court of the Barça Stadiumit is reported that the grass of the property is in adequate conditions for three teams to play in that stadium, but “there would be no opportunity for them to train during the week, to ensure a grass in optimal condition on game day.”

Until now, the atlantean is the only professional team that occupies the azulgrana as his home and is in negotiations to renew his contract, with a view to certification to seek promotion to the First Division.

“The atlantean has sought and worked for the Barça Stadium has the conditions to be a First Division stadium, there will be no greater difficulty in being the provisional home of the America or Blue Crossif the talks materialize”. Barça Stadium was about to be demolished and now has the possibility of being the home of the America, Blue Cross and atlantean at the same time.

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