America and the myth of arbitration aid that uncovered the aggression against Federico Viñas

America continues to be a club that mixes its greatness with arbitration controversy.  (Photo: Hector Vivas/Getty Images)

America continues to be a club that mixes its greatness with arbitration controversies. (Photo: Hector Vivas/Getty Images)

The America is synonymous with triumphs and greatness, but the Arbitration and its controversies they also go hand in hand with his shield. The most recent controversy occurred in the quarterfinal match of the Closure 2022 in front of Puebla; Federico Vinas suffered a spectacular stomp that was obviously a penalty in favor of the bluecreamsbut neither Henry Santander neither him VAR They decided to penalize him.

The error goes both ways. First, the central judge fails to notice the move—to some extent understandable— human error can exist. What seems distressing is the video assistant, that tool that supposes greater justice, decided not to send a play, clearly controversial, for review.

This myth about what America is the darling of the referees, it is increasingly broken. The stomping on Viñas shows that, when in doubt, it is best not to score in favor of America, since history dictates that to be fair you have to be against America and its “reprehensible fame”.

It is not necessary to go so far back to demonstrate the expiration of that myth. at the end of the Opening 2019 between Rayados and America the controversy broke out when Cesar Arturo Ramos, World Cup whistler, decided not to score a clear penalty against Guido Rodríguez. And even after Arturo Brizo, president of the Arbitration Commission, confirmed the rulingthe star was already on the Monterrey shield.

Roberto Goméz Junco had already anticipated this situation. The analyst acknowledged that some time ago, The Eagles yes they were a club benefited by arbitrationbut in the recent decade the condition is reversed: “arbitration, when in doubt, harms America”.

Arbitration errors, it seems, will never cease to exist; but Talking about the capital group as one of the most favored is a saying that has already expired. In the fallas some benefit, others are harmed, and opinions are divided, for example, in the goal of Sebastián Cáceres that meant the tie at one goal in the Cuauhtemoc Stadium.

Some allege that Bruno Valdéz, who was in an advanced position during the play, interfered, so the goal should have been disallowed; others claim that he never fully participates in scoring development, so he does not meet the criteria for being flagged offside.

As you can see, that fame they built the Creams years ago It will be a memory that will haunt you forever. although evidence continues to emerge that this is no longer the case. The greatest, the most helped, or the most hated: for very few they are unrelated words, for many more they are highly connected terms when talking about America.

concrete evidence

The opinions that point to America as a beneficiary point their arguments to the power that the club has due to its link with Grupo Televisa. And yes, there are episodes like the PRODE 1985 tournament that symbolize a pampered institution. But still, if you look hard enough it will reveal that the cream-blue outfit is not as favored as you think,

According to a report by the Mexican Football Federation (FMF) and the Arbitration CommissionAmerica is the team that VAR has “harmed” the most times. From the Opening 2019 and until the Opening 2021, The Eagles have dealt with 14 reviews, 10 of them gave determinations against and only 4 in their favor.

The figures are not misleading, it is not about whether or not it is fair to the 13-time league champion club. This report indicates that in more than 70% of the occasions in which the VAR has interfered, the balance has tipped against the team “they always help”.

The VAR arrivedó  to improve arbitration, and although steps have been taken in its development, it is still not a 100% reliable tool.  (Photo: Leopold Smith/Getty Images)

The VAR came to improve arbitration, and although steps have been taken in its development, it is still not a 100% reliable tool. (Photo: Leopold Smith/Getty Images)

Not only the recent figures exemplify the little support. Also in the distant past, it will be possible to find arbitration failures that harmed the people of the capital, for example, the one that deprived them of playing a final against Monterrey.

They ran the semifinals of the Mexico Tournament 1986 when America faced Tampico Madero. In a frenetic series, América had taken a 3-2 lead at the Azteca Stadium. For the return in Tamaulipas, Edgardo Codesal sanctioned a non-existent penalty.

Alfredo Tenadefender of the Eagles, disputed the ball with Sergio Lira, and seeing himself overcome knocked him down outside the big box, the whistler, due to his position, decided to mark the foul as a penalty, the same as Tampico scored; With this, the course of the match and the tie was defined. Some time later he recognized his mistake and justified it by claiming that if he had the current tools, his decision would have been different.

“I run like crazy, I was in the middle of the field, on the field in Tampico. He never arrived, I saw the foul and whistle; I look at my assistant and she tells me it’s inside. that play, if I had had VAR, I would have changed it because that play changed the fate of that semifinalchanged the course of the final that Tampico is coming against Monterrey”, stated Codesal in an interview with TUDN.

America, in addition to dealing with the demands that his shirt naturally entails, will also have to meet the demands of his most ardent critics. There is only one way for your triumphs to be unquestionable: the total superiority.

It is not something that in the past they have tried to achieve, but if the bluecreams want full recognition they must be extremely superior against whoever is in front of them; Only then could the dark shadow of “arbitration assistance” disappear.


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