America gave many hints for the World Cup

The United States team is always one of the strong favorites for the World Cup, despite the fact that it is not big nba superstars, The first selection has already been played to make its 12 chosen ones First friendly match against Puerto Rico, In the game we also have to add the struggles against select Team, with one winning and the other losing, is somewhat common in North American concentrations. Over the weeks he has dropped many clues on what we can expect to see at the World Cup.

America finished seventh in 2019, the worst result in the country’s history following a questionable rotation, Especially in the World Cup, which is ranked lower than the Olympic Games, something is becoming increasingly common. Along with stars Donovan Mitchell, Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum, he will be seen in the U.S.A. Lost against France in the quarterfinals and then against Serbia in the positioning stage, For this summer, there are four players in the squad coached by Steve Kerr what has happened all Star: Tyrese Halliburton, Anthony Edwards, Brandon Ingram and Jaren Jackson Jr.

The quintet seems pretty close: Jalen Brunson, Anthony Edwards, Mikal Bridges, Brandon Ingram and Jaren Jackson Jr. Jalen Brunson named Team USA leaderThe coaches themselves were full of praise for her: “She’s a natural leader, Because it’s a point guard, it immediately comes to mind. He is the one who is leading the ‘1, 2, 3 USA’ chant. Some players just have natural leadership abilities.” Without a doubt, the Knicks point guard has been one of the great positive notes during the team’s trials. The last player to join the quintet was Anthony Edwards, The Timberwolves player who signed a major extension this summer, It has been tough for him to adapt to the FIBA ​​game Where he needs to earn more streaks as a playwright. Their defensive deployment against Puerto Rico seems to have tipped the balance in their title chase: “I was just trying to anticipate where everything was going. Just using my defensive skills,” explained the young Edwards.

The forward position is one of the least discussed, the energy it brings Mikal Bridges at full court made him one of Kerr’s fixturesa coach who is addicted to his appearance very important in games without the ball, On a team with so many players who gain so much possession of the ball, the nets player is important because he has the ability to score as soon as he gets the ball. Status of “4″ is for Brandon Ingram, The Pelicans player is the most established of the entire team. Injuries have slowed a player down in his first season because of the way he plays compared to kevin durant, The team has great defenders in his side and as a center, NBA Defender of the Year Jaren Jackson Jr., Santi Aldama’s partner is in a different position than his, where his ability to assist and block shots is essential to alleviating a potential height problem with some “5’s”. according to a survey conducted by athletic To all the members of the squad, to one of the Grizzlies He has been chosen as the person who has most influenced his peers, that they named it the best of the first weekend. He has taken everyone by surprise with a very unknown aggressive aspect.

The rear guard is waiting on the bench with the prospect of spending great minutes. Tyrese Halliburton He has already shown his ability as a game generator this season, second Top assists in the NBA behind only James Harden, at the escort post, Austin Reeves that player must be able break the game with your three hits, Achilles heel in these first days of the call. the same situation Cam Johnson, who was originally in the quintet, But the disbandment of Edwards set up a new quintet. The internal situations see the most variety in the acting of both Bobby Portis and banker on both the posts. This has come as a surprise, especially in the case of a Magic player who is not accustomed to that position: “He’s going to play some minute as centershe claimed. “One of the things we learned at the Tokyo Olympics was A center who can dribble and run with the ball in transition Making plays is a very difficult task for teams in FIBA. He’s already shown he can play as a 4, but he’ll have plenty of minutes as a 5 as well. This would be used in certain punts where a large rim protector is not required, in which case the center chosen would be Kessler, the youngest player on the team, The player who has the fewest minutes, although the minutes he has may be of great value josh hart, Either of the Knicks can participate in the final minutes of a solved game, his success from the line of three is crucial and he can be crucial without the ball as well.

after playing against Slovenia and Spain in MalagaHe team usa I will face Abu Dhabi to Greece and Germany (twice) before making his World Cup debut. They will play against Greece, New Zealand and Jordan in the group stage in Manila. This will be the first major championship of Steve Kerr After the death of Popovich (2 Olympic gold medals and one world), as head of the national team.

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