América invited Ibai Llanos to the duel against MazatlánHalftime

Mexico City /

Ibai Plains shared on Friday, January 27, that he arrived at the Mexico City to attend the ESLAND 2023 awards ceremony; the Spanish streamer, one of the most popular of the moment, made a great impression on Twitter, so much so that even America it invited to attend the Aztec stadium this Saturday 28 to see the game against Mazatlan.

But also, America took advantage of the Twitter publication to invite him a know their club facilities on Monday the 30th.

“Welcome, you we invite this Saturday at Aztec stadium and Monday to know the coapa nest!”, commented the team’s official account hours after the streamer shared his photo on the social network.

An Internet user asked the club to also invite the streamer Spursito, who is constantly related to soccer: “Of course, Spursito is more than invited”.

Ibai Llanos, Gerard Romero and else streamers they will be a few days in the Mexico City to attend the ESLAND awards on Sunday, January 29, an event that “celebrates the creativity and talent of the best content creators in the Spanish-speaking community.”

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