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It may be that the pressure has exceeded him after his questionable performances as America goalkeeper or just wasn’t in the mood for consolation after the home win against Pachuca, but there is a Oscar Jimenez video that generates indignation in the Americanists for supposedly make an insult to Emilio Lara.

What did Oscar Jiménez do against Emilio Lara?

In social networks circulates a Jimenez Fabela video walking towards the dressing room after the 0-3 defeat against the Tuzos, in which he is blamed for two of the goals received. Head down, the goalkeeper heads for the tunnel when his teammate Emilio Lara approaches to apparently comfort him.

The young defender of the Eagles tries to hug him on his way to the locker room, however, Oscar Jiménez stares at him and removes his hand from his neck. This behavior has generated many negative comments from creamblue fans.

Criticism of Oscar Jiménez in America

Guillermo Ochoa’s departure for Serie A finally gave him the ownership to Oscar Jiménez, who spent more than five years as a regular substitute for Agustín Marchesín and later for Paco Memo. However, the long-awaited opportunity It has not been well used by the goalkeeperwho so far in the Clausura 2023 has been responsible for several goals conceded.

The two shots from outside the area that ended Atlas’s goal for a 2-2 draw and the win at home against the Tuzos are the situations that exhausted the patience of the fans, who openly express their disagreement with Jiménez, with Tano Ortiz and even with Emilio Azcárraga for keeping him in the arc.

  • “Despotic and uneducated goalkeeper, since they feel it”
  • “They would have let him go when they said there was someone interested in signing him”
  • “They should sit him down, he already had his chance and he didn’t take advantage of it, let (Luis) Malagón play to see if he has the means to win the position”
  • “It’s already too much for Oscar Jiménez to continue as a starter, he was seen with Tano’s anger in the conference. We are falling into conformity and the tournament will end the same as the previous ones”

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