America vs. Mazatlan FC – Match Report – January 28, 2023

The Águilas won their first game of the Clausura 2023 with a great offensive performance against the Cañoneros

MEXICO CITY (Ricardo Cariño | ESPN) — The America He ended his crisis of results and began to fly in the Clausura 2023 by winning with a resounding victory of 6-0 to the last of the general table, Mazatlanwho took a hard blow at the Azteca Stadium and sets off the alarm for coach Gabriel Caballero.

The cream-blue fans punished their team with a weak entry into the Coloso de Santa Úrsula after starting the match Closing 2023 With three consecutive draws, Fernando Ortiz’s team began the match with the urgency of obtaining a result that would give them a breather in the tournament and for this they had to face a Sinaloan team that knew how to stand up during the first 20 minutes of action. but then he allowed the party to lean in favor of only one side.

Mazatlan He was the protagonist in the first minutes, he pressed high looking for the opponent’s error and winning balls in the opposite field, but they did not know how to capitalize on the few options they had, this ended up being decisive in the mail.

Those from Coapa won the field with the passing of the minutes and as the purple team gave up the initiative and stopped insisting on their midfield lines.

The Eagles They tried to approach the area with little clarity, but the figure of the team appeared on the field in the last year, Henry Martin. The selected one took his teammates by the hand and showed them the way to make the game a carnival and participate in five of the six goals.

After half an hour of play Henry Martin He gave a filtered and precious pass to Diego Valdés. The Uruguayan faced, evaded the duel against the goalkeeper Ricardo Gutiérrez and before losing the ball in the bottom line he passed to Jonathan Rodríguez, who only had to push the ball and with it open a curtain that he did not want to open.

Those from Sinaloa did not finish reacting to the first blow when in a second action from the right wing Henry Martin He entered with power and left Raúl Sandoval and Efraín Orona halfway, he put a pass to Diego and he finished off without problems towards the net.

The Azteca Stadium shouted the scores with euphoria and the best was yet to come, because two minutes later the feathered team recovered the ball in midfield and ‘Cabecita’ Rodríguez sent a precise cross from the left wing to Martinwho headed powerfully and made it 3-0.

If the third goal was not punishment enough, at minute 39 a free kick from midrange by Richard Sánchez raised the euphoria, as his shot was embedded in the corner, in an impossible place for the goalkeeper.

Just in the first minutes of the second half, the game experienced great actions with two important failures of Henry Martin and Jonathan Rodríguez, while Mazatlan He tried to respond with a pumped shot from Nico Benedetti, but Óscar Jiménez ran and saved his goal in good shape.

America He set the pace, pressed the accelerator when he wanted and dominated the rival, as well as putting pressure on the rival. This led Valdés to recover the ball in the opposite field and with it begin an offensive assisting Henry Martinthis filtered to Álvaro Fidalgo and from the right wing the Spaniard crossed for a Henry who nodded and turned the electronic into a hand that knocked out his rival.

America He took the rest of the match like a party, ceding the ball to a rival without ideas and fearful who was looking to reach the rival field through individual actions.

In the end Martin he failed alone in front of the goal and finally found his third of the night at 93 to put the 6-0 definite so that America He got his first win of the tournament.

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