AMLO crossed the red line in relation to the US: experts

Despite the threat of the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador of not attending the Summit of the Americas if all the countries of the continent are not invited, the relationship between Mexico and the United States will be sustained by the political, economic and security interests between both nations, specialists considered.

However, when participating in the virtual forum AMLO and Biden: does the relationship resist?, organized by THE UNIVERSAL in collaboration with Periódicos Asociados en Red (PAIR) and the Center for US-Mexican Studies, UC San Diego, former ambassadors, academics and specialists warned that the President crossed “the red line” in his feint, because this is not done between neighbors and, above all, with the main trading partner.

Arthur Sarukhanformer Mexican ambassador to the United States, considered that the relationship between the two countries will endure because it is important enough for the scaffolding of US foreign policy and is, at this time, crucial for the narrative of the Democratic Party before the next midterm elections.

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In the forum moderated by Rafael Fernandez de Castrodirector of the Center for US-Mexican Studies, UC San Diego, the former ambassador pointed out that one of the priorities of the Joe Biden administration is to guarantee Mexican support to stop migratory flows.

“The question is very pertinent, does the relationship resist? Yes, because the relationship is important enough for the scaffolding of US foreign policy… That explains why since the start of the Biden administration he has had a priority with Mexico, which is to guarantee support to contain Central American transmigration flows” .

However, he indicated that although he will resist, it does not mean that the bilateral relationship is in a good moment, and added: “President López Obrador has crossed a red line. He definitely began to cross it when he made public, something that is never done after a phone call, that he had asked Biden to invite Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua… but worse a little when he goes out to declare it, to present an ultimatum to the President Biden.

“That is not done between neighbors, it is not done with the main trading partner and it is not done with an issue that the Republican Party is going to make a political-electoral snag against the Biden administration.”

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Beatriz Leycegui, former Undersecretary of Foreign Trade of the Ministry of Economy, agreed that the binational relationship will continue due to “the great interdependence that we have as natural partners, partners in trade and partners in production.

“Without a doubt, trade between the two will not be stopped. [porque] they are partners that have complementarities that keep both trade and investment happening. No leader is going to stop that.”

Sergio Alcocer, president of the Mexican Council of International Affairs (Comexi) recalled that recently there was an agreement between the border governments, without the participation of the federal government, so “the reading of the United States must be one of absolute chaos. We have experienced it when the Mexican government fragments, not only does the United States government fall into disarray, but there is also exploitation of interests.”

Jorge Tello, former director of the Center for Investigation and National Security (Cisen), stated that the problem of the bilateral relationship is to talk about the asymmetry that exists between the two countries.

“The agenda is extraordinarily complicated. Mexico occupies fourth place in transnational crime… It is the one that crosses borders and there is human trafficking, money laundering, drug trafficking, but they are those crimes that can violate the border of neighbors, ”he said.

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