AMLO proposes a committee against the Russia-Ukraine war in a civic-military parade… and attacks the UN

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador proposed the creation of a committee to achieve peace in the armed conflict between Russia and Ukrainewhich is endorsed by the Security Council of the United Nations Organization (UN).

During the ceremony of the civic-military parade for the 212th Anniversary of the Independence of Mexico, López Obrador said that the foreign minister Marcelo Ebrard will present the proposal at the next UN general assembly.

“It is about urgently seeking an agreement to stop the war in Ukraine and to achieve a truce of at least five years between the nations and dedicate that time to face the great economic and social problems that afflict and torment the countries of the world”, he said in the Zócalo.

Before representatives of the Judicial and Legislative Branches, special guests and troops participating in the civic-military parade, the President affirmed that politics is the only instrument we have to avoid war; however, interest groups located in positions of governmental or economic power take pains to lead politics towards conflict and instead of correcting the mistake they choose to deepen it without caring about the suffering to humanity or the damage they cause to the stability of the nations.

“We should start by asking ourselves if the war could not be avoided and if the politicians of the main powers did not fail to resolve the controversy peacefully,” he said.

President López Obrador also attacked the UN by pointing out that the international organization remains inactive and erased in this armed conflict.

“The UN remains inactive and as if erased, prey to a formalism and prey to a political inefficiency that leaves it in a merely ornamental role, even more reprehensible is the behavior of the great powers that explicitly or silently position themselves before the conflict only to serve their economic interests, that is why the suspicion cannot be avoided that although this war seems perverse and incredible, like many others, it is being fueled by the interests of the war industry,” he declared.

President López Obrador condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and questioned why the North Atlantic Treaty Organization denies him entry into Ukraine.

“We must not stop wondering that NATO member governments deny Ukraine entry to the organization at crucial moments, on one side, while on the other they offer weapons or economic sanctions against Russia, measures that have only served to aggravate the conflict, produce more suffering and more victims and refugees to aggravate the shortage of food and energy and drive global inflation”, he indicated.


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