AMLO sends initiative; we must return to the clock of God: Alcocer

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador signed the initiative to remove Daylight Savings Time – which has been applied since 1996- so that today it is sent to the Congress of the Union.

Secretary of Health, Jorge Alcocer, justified the rejection of summer time by pointing out that it should return to “god clock” and that its application was a political decision, for which it can be changed.

“More and more studies show that the differences in time between the social clock and the biological clock challenge health, even alter it… We should not fight against the biological clock. It is advisable to return to standard time, which is when the sundial coincides with the social clock. God’s watch,” he said.

In the morning conference, the secretary added that there is an association between the change of summer time and the occurrence of heart attacks after being implemented.

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In addition to affecting sleep and wakefulness, resulting in increased daytime sleepiness.

Why remove Daylight Savings Time?

The secretariat of Energy, Rocío Nahleexplained that the initiative to eliminate summer time is presented because there is a popular rejection since 1996, the energy saving is very lowwith respect to total consumption and there is no impact on family consumption.

He explained that the Ministry of the Interior conducted a survey in which 71% of those interviewed rejected Summer Time and only 29% accepted it, and that there are at least 40 initiatives presented by different parliamentary factions for its elimination.

He indicated that a measurement of energy saving was made and it was found that there was a high peak in 2010 and 2013, but, from then on, energy saving declined due to technological innovation and the change of lights for saving ones.

“In 2021, the savings were only 537 gigawatts per hour, which is equivalent to 0.16% of national consumption and savings of 1,138 million pesos… In the first three years of this government, the impact of saving on consumption has been measured only which is 0.2% of economic savings”, he said.

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