Amrabat, the ‘bombshell’ of Barça at the close of the market

Sofyan Amrabat was one of those ‘responsible’ for Morocco becoming the first African team to reach the semifinals of the World Cup. He emerged as one of the most talented midfielders and a player who raised the interest of clubs like Atlético de Madrid, Liverpool or Tottenham, who ultimately did not make a move to take over his services.

He is currently in the ranks of Fiorentina and, as they had pointed out from Italy a few weeks ago, his starting price was 50 million euros. The 26-year-old, however, would be negotiating with the FC Barcelona a possible movement in the last hours of the winter transfer market, as reported by Gerard Romero in ‘Jijantes’.

The intention of the Barcelona entity would be to finalize an agreement to a loan for the remaining months of the season. They are aware that the player would have the intention of leaving the Italian team shortly and, furthermore, he has a certain ‘predilection’ for Barça. He was present at the game last weekend, against Getafe, at the Spotify Camp Nou.

How could sign Barça?

The aforementioned source has explained that Barça has contacted Fiorentina to cObtain the loan of the Moroccan midfielder for the remainder of the season with a purchase option (It is expected to be 50 ‘kilos’) that is not mandatory. The club would make the final decision at the end of the course, if the footballer ‘convinces’ and there is a salary margin to sign him.

In addition, Romero explained that Barça would have a salary margin of five million euros to get a signing in this winter market, something that Javier Tebas had slipped: As for the registrations that can be made now, it is true that he has an amount for the savings that have been made by Piqué and by Memphis, but Barcelona is the one that will have to decide…”.

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