Amsterdam: Christian Bale, Margot Robbie, John David Washington and more, in the first official trailer

Thanks to his work on The Fighter – 91% and the Destiny Games – 92%, David O. Russell became one of the most recognized directors in the industry. The scandals about his attitudes and aggressions on the film sets, as well as the accusation of sexual harassment against him, do not seem to matter to the public or the actors who seek to work with him. Although she took a long hiatus after Joy: The Name of Success – 60%, for which Jennifer Lawrence obtained another Oscar nomination, the also screenwriter now comes with a new project called Amsterdam, full of mystery, comedy and a very diverse cast, of which we can already see its first official preview.

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From his first jobs, David O Russell He proved to have a unique style for black comedy and that became the most respected element of his career and what seems to enchant the Academy and the rest of the great awards that always nominate him in the most important categories. His alliance with Jennifer Lawrence It was quite fruitful for both of them, but now it seems that he will look for new muses in the capacities of Margot Robbie and Anya Taylor-Joy, two of the most popular and beloved actresses of the moment.

amsterdam is a mystery comedy where three friends, played by Christian Bale, margot robbie and John David Washington, witness a homicide and then become suspects. Under the promise of always protecting each other, the unlikely team will search for answers and end up uncovering a whole plot that could change the history of the United States forever. The first trailer was presented during the event CinemaCon and allows us to see a little more of the great cast that he brought together for this project.

Watch the trailer here:

The trailer shows us how two soldiers wounded in the war become friends with a nurse while living in the city of Amsterdam, and together they create a pact to protect themselves from all the problems of the world. The nature of their relationship will be very important in the story, as the suspicions caused by the murder begin to affect them. The trailer doesn’t reveal what big historical moment is involved in the plot, but it’s clear that Russell intends to mix elements of fact with fiction.

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Robbie playing the nurse, Bale playing a soldier who lost an eye and Washington a lawyer, mark the most important point of this film, but there are also other familiar faces with whom the director has worked before such as Robert De Niro, who plays a friend of the deceased. The rest of the cast is integrated by Chris Rock, Anya Taylor-JoyZoe Saldana, Taylor Swift, Rami Malek, Michael Shannon, Mike Myers, Timothy Olyphant, Alessandro Nivola and Andrea Riseborough.

David O Russell It took a few years to finish the script and another to raise the proposal. Originally Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lawrence and Jamie Foxx would have important roles, but the time and the change in the agendas of each one made him look for other actors. It is also known that Michael B. Jordan had been left for one of the main characters, but the pandemic stopped production just before filming and by the time they could finally start he was already busy with other projects, so he was replaced by Washington , best known for his work on Tenet – 83% and The KKKlansman – 85%.

amsterdam It will hit theaters on November 4 and it is already one of the most anticipated titles of that season, since it is the perfect time for a premiere if the production company seeks to reach the big awards such as the Oscar and the Golden Globe. Knowing the taste of these circles for the director, it is almost certain that the film ends with important nominations, although it is still early for that speculation.

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