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The impact of an electrical discharge caused a fire this Friday in one of the fuel tanks located at the Supertankers Base, on the outskirts of the city of Matanzas.

The deposit contained some 26,000 cubic meters of domestic crude oil, about 50% of its maximum capacity, when the intensity of the lightning hit the dome of the facility, known as the geodesic dome roof.

Rigel Rodríguez, director of the territorial division of the Comercializadoraiide Combustibles Matanzas, explained that forces were immediately activated to put out the fire and prevent the flames from reaching other similar containers located in the area.

With the use, basically, of water and foam, specialized media from the Ministry of the Interior and the Revolutionary Armed Forces came together to control and suffocate the fire, which in turn caused a large column of smoke, visible from anywhere in the city. .

Evert Eduardo Díaz, director of that same entity, added that to appease the flames it was also necessary to carry water from the nearby bay.

Although the causes of the incident are yet to be evaluated, it seems that there was a failure in the lightning rod system, which could not withstand the energy of the electrical discharge.

Misbel Palmero Aguiar, general director of the Antonio Guiteras Thermoelectric Power Plant, clarified that said unit was still in service and that the incident did not interrupt the pumping of fuel to the plant.

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