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[úsica]elyanélica: we continue in thisspecial coverage, whenwe see the transit of thecaravan that carries the etherof queen elizabeth ii heading towindsor,where at 4:00 pm, timelocal, it is expected to give aexpects 800 guests who are going this time we have Alejandromadrigal, he is a scientistMexican, who was decoratedby Queen Elizabeth II.madrigal received theofficial recognition of theorder of the brian empire byits services in hematology andin cell transplantmothers and research for thecancer.aileen: that’s exactly itAlejandro is this morning withus live onlinefrom london, england.we want to welcome you,doctor madrigal, thanks forJoin us this morning.>> thanks to you.aileen: you were luckyto meet the queen,tell us how you remember itI went today.what does everything meanwe are living?>> I was fortunate tomeet her, but above allI remember as a womanextraordinary that he was ablefor 70 years of carrying amonarchy, despite severalthings that happenedand she kept the concept ofgoodness, of kindness, of the rolethat the monarchy also plays.knew how to mix and be or not thequeen who was separated orsomehow he knew how to be closeof allwhen i met her, he wasdoing my doctorate, and shecame to visit me because it waspatron of this institute, andDuring his visit, I wasdoing experiments.we were showing him whatwe are doing to discernhow to understand cancer and howtreat it.and they introduced me to it, besidesThey said I was Mexican, andThe conversation was short, andhe told me he was veryglad we were thererepresenting exico.aileen: twice thequeen elizabeth ii visited exico,We know that he did very well,in one of them she was accompaniedby her husband, the Duke ofEdinburgh. but you livedwith her.What was it like talking to her?>> the meeting was brief, butit was impressive.she had a mafiaaround, was surrounded byit’s done in a certain way,but also of that kindness,in that sweetness, in that wayto smile with your eyes, and thatelegance that he had in hiswalk, talk to people,As I say, he knew how to represent.right now we are at a funeral andeveryone with a tiedark or black, and we arecelebrating what she did inall these years as a womanextraordinary that he gaveimpact, I hoped that sheI was the one decorated, I’m going toreceive the cross of saint george.At some point this will beon December 15 atbuckingham i hoped it wasShe the one who decorated me.Now I imagine he will be the king.aileen: congratulations, and be fromthe first encounters withking, and lucky again,not only to have met thequeen elizabeth ii, but nowin december to king carlos iii.thanks for joining us andshare that fortune and thatlucky you had to meet thequeen, and share the contributionwhat are you doing inregarding the investigationagainst cancer.good morningThank you.very good coverage of you.monarchy, we speak of thedistance between akingdom and the people, and really toyou bring health is like thatreally honor thepeople. what better than thecompía and that brevity that there isbetween a kingdom and the people.aileen: above all, in severalsocial causes will be the oneSupported Queen Elizabeth II.related organizationswith health, 600 in all.speaks of his human side, of hisaltruistic side he always saw

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