An internet campaign seeks to declare Cuban émigré professor Carlos Lazo persona non grata in Florida

A campaign initiated on the platform by a user identified as Juan Blancas seeks to have the Cuban émigré professor Carlos Lazo and the organization he directs, Puentes de Amor, be declared “persona non grata” in Miami and throughout the US state of Florida.

This man is an open defender of the tyrannical regime in Havana and mocks the historical exile by promoting with contempt for the Castro regime,” says the petition, which at the time of writing this note had accumulated 15,626 signatures.

“He deceives and sponsors a terrorist and murderous regime, where what he promotes is that this regime continues condemning young people and artists just for thinking differently,” says the text by Lazo, who at the end of last July made one of his usual caravans to demand that the White House repeal the sanctions against Havana, in Miami.

The petition also accuses the émigré professor of use young Americans to “indoctrinate them and at the same time spread communist ideas in the United States“.

“The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) must take action on this matter and the city of Miami must abide by Florida’s STOP COMMUNIST INFLUENCE laws,” the text ends.

Earlier this month, Republican Senator Marco Rubio sent a letter to the FBI in which he asked them to investigate the organization led by Lazo and his followers for acting as foreign agents of the Cuban regime.

The letter recalled that in the last caravan to demand an end to the embargo, “the group also raised the flags of Castro’s July 26 Movement, openly in support of the Cuban revolution that led to the communist dictatorship that is still in force on the Island today“.

In 2021 it was revealed that Lazo operates Puentes de Amor as an NGO, in conjunction with employees of Cuban-American businessman Hugo Cancioalso related to the Havana regime.

Puentes de Amor, which both Lazo and the official Cuban press present as a “solidarity initiative”, and which has developed several campaigns in favor of rapprochement between Washington and Havana, is registered as a non-profit entity in the business directory of the State of Washington, where Lazo resides.

According to the information therein, the license to operate was granted in November 2020, and in addition to Lazo it is directed by Nadia Delgado, a Cuban resident in Seattle and her sister-in-law; Collin Laverty and Milena Recio.

Recio is a Cuban journalist who was working when Puentes de Amor’s license was issued as editor of the media OnCubaowned by Hugo Cancio, who is accredited on the Island and is based in Havana.

For his part, Laverty chairs the Cuba Educational Travel company, which organizes private trips to Cuba, and is one of the directors of Havana Strategies, a Miami-based consulting firm for entrepreneurs interested in investing on the island.

In September of last year, he called for a global caravan against the US embargo, after meeting with Miguel Díaz-Canel in Havana.

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