an intruder in his house takes a shower and pours himself a drink


Among the many misadventures of Johnny Depp, still struggling with an infinite separation (with stamped papers) with his ex-wife Amber Heard, there is also an intrusion into his sumptuous Hollywood villa, by a homeless man who he immediately got at ease: he browsed through the wines and whiskeys available to the star, and poured more than a glass.

Johnny Depp fired after his wife’s violence: is this the beginning of the end for his career?

Police were alerted by a neighbor of Depp’s, who had seen a man wandering around the actor’s pool. Apparently, the neighbor confronted the intruder, who escaped and made his way even closer to the actor’s house.

Shortly thereafter, the TMZ specialist site learns, it was the star’s own security apparatus that alerted the police because a stranger had entered the mansion. When the agents arrived, they found the man taking a shower in one of the bathrooms of the house, refusing to leave. Thus, the police had to break down the door to arrest him.

Apparently, the intruder had also rummaged in the pantry, and had made himself a glass. Depp is famous for his passion for wine, especially expensive and high quality wine. This isn’t the first time Depp’s house has been the subject of such raids. Last January, a thief who had broken into the villa was arrested. By the time the agents arrived, the intruder had already escaped.

Depp has been trying desperately in recent months to have won against his ex-wife, who had accused him of violence. After the lawsuit lost against her and what The Sun had written, which had defined him as a “wife beater”, his lawyers are trying to reopen the case, arguing that the 2020 ruling would have been influenced by her declaration of wanting donate $ 7 million in divorce compensation to charity. Apparently, not everything would go to charity, they argue.

For Depp, it’s also about saving his career. After the cases of Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein, Woody Allen and, in recent weeks, of Armie Hammer, the “cancel culture” of Hollywood is proving to be ruthless towards cases of alleged harassment and violence.


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