An intruder lights fireworks on Kylie Jenner’s property


Kylie Jenner

A man was arrested for damaging the entrance to the star’s Californian mansion.

Kylie Jenner received a very unwelcome visit from yet another fanatic. After managing to climb over the outer gate of the starlette’s Los Angeles property, a man thought of lighting fireworks.

As reports, the intruder went to the villa on the night of Wednesday, September 29, asking about the young businesswoman. Immediately blocked by security, the man appeared to have left the scene. However, shortly after, the deranged – described as a big man 195 cm tall, weighing around 100 kg – returned to the scene, climbed over a first gate and finally lit the fireworks.

The police, after arresting him, discovered that the man had brought with him a briefcase containing a hammer, a rubber mallet, a lighter and fireworks.


He is currently behind bars on charges of vandalism, for causing damage around $ 1,200 (about $ 1,000) at Kylie’s gate.

The star, expecting her second child, was not in the house at the time of the incident.



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